Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Saga of Patrick Ross -- New House Rules

For reasons stemming from a fundamental difference in philosophy, the cripplingly hilarious "Saga of Patrick Ross" is going to be republished here one part at a time, with that fundamental difference in philosophy as follows.

Having put up with Patrick Ross' relentless defamation over the course of almost three years, while I'm going to leave the comments sections open for the entire series of posts, I absolutely will not tolerate trolls, idiots and sock puppets dropping by for the purpose of retrying my defamation lawsuit against him. Given that that case was tried and ruled overwhelmingly in my favour over a year ago, I have no patience for anyone who wants to re-argue its fundamental issues all over again.

I will particularly have zero tolerance for anyone who stupidly wants to repeat the same defamation that has one Patrick Ross in debt to me for currently well over $85,000 in judgment and court costs. If that's your plan, you're free to do that but you'll do it somewhere else.

Quite simply, after putting up with Patrick Ross' defamatory bullshit for month after month after libelous month, this is my turn to tell the story and I have no intention of letting utter dingbats hijack the discussion.

My blog. My rules. Deal with it.

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