Monday, November 05, 2007

Sure, Spanky, that's the conclusion I'D draw.

Shorter Aaron (Spanky) Unruh: "Yet another conservative political candidate is exposed as a lewd, porn-viewing exhibitionist; therefore, liberals are prissy, moralistic scolds."

In class, Spanky, we'd be asking you to show your work.


thwap said...

Spanky is a complete moron.

It was his own party that turfed him. The conservative, family-values folks.

I really don't know what else there is to say.

Does Spanky blow his nose when he means to wipe his ass?

Does Spanky "push" when the door says "pull"?

What the fuck is his problem?

Ti-Guy said...

Spanky's a closet-case. No doubt about it. Fascinated with male sexuality, to the point of obsession.

Let's all chip in and get him a "rent boy;" I'm sure there are a few BT's who have a line on where to go for that kind of thing.

Anyway, I'm glad we have the "conservatives" to constantly point out where are the really, sorted, tawdry, dirty stuff on the Internet is.

E in MD said...

I had to drop the fuck tards a note confirming that it is still in fact immoral to download porn and such but only when a liberal is doing it. When liberal is doing it, they're perverting society, upholding the gay agenda, destroying marriage, wanting the terrorists to win, wanting GM to lose to Toytal and hurting the children! Evil evil liberals!

But naturally it's ok if a conservative does it. Wanna suck some cock in an airport bathroom? You conservative? Sure! Suck all the cock you want! Want to write naughty emails in hopes of picking up underage congressional pages! As long as you're conservative, no problem, no investigation, no charges!

Want to put a condom on a dildo and cram it so far up your butt you can taste it inside your two wet suits, rubber panties, mask and diving gloves? You better be a conservative mister! Or else you're going right to hell!

Seriously, I don't give a flying fuck who downloads porn. I mean shit it's been at least 45 seconds since the last time I dl'd porn. I also don't care if you're hunting the gay butt sechs in your free time. As long as you're not hurting unwilling people, molesting children or animals or deep throating Roddy Ramjet on the bus I don't give a damn. It's not my business. It's not your business. It's not the conservatives business.

But don't sit there telling me you're the epitome of moral fiber and standing when your politicians are off dry humping llamas at the zoo and you're sitting there quietly hoping the public doesn't notice your finger up your own ass.

Sorry fraggers, you're no more moral than anyone else. You might as well get used to it. Clean up your own damned house before you start pointing fingers at other people.

Fuck you right wingers and your hypocrisy with a 15 inch condom covered dildo.