Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Who are these people? And why are they all CC?

[UPDATE: It would appear that studly, legalistic he-man Richard Evans is so whiningly, pants-wettingly afeard of your humble scribe that he's blocking redirects from this site to his septic tank of a blog "Let Freedom Reign," so you might have to copy and paste links manually into your browser. Of such annoyances are the macho, tertosterone-filled howler monkeys of the Right-o-sphere comprised. Man, but I would hate to have Richard's underwear laundry bill.]

Apparently, we are all me now. But here's the best part from Dick's "No Libs" co-blogger "Gamil Gharbi":

Red Tory was found out,

and CC who votes for old men to have sex with 14 year olds,

Really? I voted for that? I'm pretty sure I never did that. Shriek! Defamation! Libel! Slander! Lawsuit!

Like I give a shit what one of Richard's co-bloggers thinks. But if I did give a shit, well, since GG above uses a pseudonym, I'd probably have to serve the defamation lawsuit through the owner of that blog. That would be Richard, of course. Who lives at 107 Beddington Cres. NE, Calgary, T3K 1N4. Where he resides with his wife of 11 years Corinne, and his two adorable children, Courtney and Tyler. And who can be reached by phone at 403-333-7035.

So, really, Dick ... are you sure you want to play this game, when your own co-bloggers are so obviously defaming me on your blog? Seriously, is this a road down which you want to travel, with the hilariously deranged Weiner Prattles as your star witness? Is that your idea of a kick-ass, bulletproof legal strategy? 'Cuz if I were you, I might want to talk to someone who is an actual lawyer, and not one who delusionally plays one in the blogosphere. I'm just sayin'.

Disclaimer: No information that was not already publicly available was harmed in the making of this blog post, which explains exactly how you can contact Richard or his adorable family if you need to serve legal papers for whatever reason.

You're welcome.

P.S. By the way, Richard, if I had two kids whose home address was now splashed all across the Intertubes, I'm pretty sure the last thing I'd be doing is linking to and promoting a web site that advocated sex with, you know, children. But that's just me. 'Cuz I'm not a total fucking retard.

YEAH, IT'S BEEN SWELL BUT ... apparently, even some of Dick's co-bloggers over at LFR are getting a bit creeped out by Dick's NAMBLA fetish and are beginning to inch slowly toward the door:

A wise choice, Monty. I mean, it's not likely that you'd get caught in the crossfire of any legal action but, really, why take the chance? If Dick's going to go down in flames and drag his family with him, there's no point in you following along, is there?

BY THE WAY, I really hate dragging this out 'cuz there's so much more wingnuttery craziness we could be poking fun at, but I'm fascinated by this claim by the Dickster here:

CC seems quite happy with the idea that a 45 year old man can have sex with a 14 year old boy.

Now, for the life of me, I have no idea where I might have said that. Or insinuated it. Or implied it. Dick has been yammering on endlessly with this accusation, but I am absolutely baffled as to where it originates. And if it's not true, well, that's kind of what you'd call "defamation," isn't it?

Can anyone help and provide a link to where I said the above? Because I'd sure like to know.


Dr.Dawg said...

Your links don't work for some reason, but we have all found our way over there. Check out Patels' site too.

the rev. said...

I know Dick made the information available himself, but posting phone numbers and addresses and his kids names is really not cool CC

CC said...

Sorry that bothers you, Rev, but if Dick wants to get into this pissing contest, he has no one to blame but himself if his family gets dragged into the middle of it.

Remember the conservative motto: "Accountability and personal responsibility." It's time for Dick to start being accountable and personally responsible, don't you think?

Southern Quebec said...

If you lower yourself to their level, you are no better than them CC.

CC said...

Ah, but SQ, I haven't even remotely lowered myself to Richard's level. Not only was that personal information already public, but it was published by Richard himself.

Richard really should learn to think two or three moves ahead before he gets into pissing contests like this, because he is so not intellectually prepared for them.

Ti-Guy said...

Oh, gawd...there's nothing that ruins a good pissing match more than the moralisers who jump in with the "holier than thou" pronouncements on acceptable behaviour.

Progressives and liberals are plagued with people like this, who always end up distracting the rest of us from what the core issues are. And rightwingers seize on *that* as signs of further weakness and disorganisation.

Southern Quebec said...

ti-guy: There is nothing wrong with taking the high road...Richard takes the low road...see who get there before you. CC, if you really, really want to get Dick and the Wieners' pants twisted, and their little Cheeto fingers twitching, ignore them. Try to go a whole week without referring to them, or linking (or mentioning) them. By the end of seven days, you will hear that two men were taken away in straight jackets screaming, "They won't talk to me, they don't listen, aaahhhh!"
Try this. Lets face it, there are a lot of other more 'stable' wingnuts.

lenny said...

Ricky is desperately looking for a face-saving out from his threatened lawsuit:
"When CC stands up and says that it’s wrong that 45 year old men are legally entitled to have sex with 14 year old boys, I’ll ease up on him."

Hahahaha. When that doesn't work and he doesn't uncover your identity he'll fall back on his "well, I just don't have time for the process involved without CCs real name"(as if it would impose any addional burden on him) or some other lame excuse. What a lying, nutless wonder.

Lobby Dosser said...

Fuck 'em, CC, this is hoot from where I'm sitting. Had the misfortune of meeting this cracker when I lived in Calgary (the longest 10 months of my life) and boy is he a low life.

I really can't wait for the election results, and the hissy fit he throws when he gets the gubbing he richly deserves.

Ti-Guy said...

There is nothing wrong with taking the high road...

SQ: There's nothing particularly low about re-posting public information that Richard Evans himself made available on his campaign (*snick*) site. Remember; he's running for public office now.

If you really, really want to get Dick and the Wieners' pants twisted, and their little Cheeto fingers twitching, ignore them.

I'm not sure how much you know about Richard Evans, but he's a net-pest. He trolls liberal/lefty blogs under a variety of pseudonyms and harasses bloggers with that special brand of Evans "reason." There's a history here, going back a while.

Rightwingers consider the high road to be a sign of weakness, and while I support the high road in principle, in practice, it doesn't always work out that way. Being progressive doesn't mean being a wimp.

Richard has been defaming practically everybody by implying that they are, or support, pedophilia and has repeatedly tried to out people for saying things he doesn't like. It's time he stopped doing that and stuck to his own sand-box. And if he doesn't like other bloggers commenting on the ridiculous things he posts at his own blog, then he should give up blogging altogether.

For someone who's apparently so materially successful and blissful as he claims to be, I don't know why he blogs in the first place. I used to think it was something some mental health professional recommend he do as therapy, but I don't believe that anymore. I think he's simply psychotic, which, in Alberta anyway, doesn't seem to be much of an obstacle to earning a living.

M@ said...

From Richard's site: When CC stands up and says that it’s wrong that 45 year old men are legally entitled to have sex with 14 year old boys, I’ll ease up on him. Until he does that he’s considered an enabler and deserves to be lumped-in with the NAMBLA crowd.

Until Richard stands up and says that it’s wrong for white supremacists to terrorize and discriminate against Jews and other, non-"white" races, he’s considered an enabler and deserves to be lumped-in with the Stormfront crowd.

See? It's easy. Anyone else think of other bad behaviour that Richard is enabling? I don't read his blog but I don't know that he's ever stood up and denounced zoophelia, wife-beating, or necrophelia...

Richard adds: Now I don’t know how your tiny brains work but here in the real world, showing someone to be filthy disgusting POS is not an endorsement of the lifestyles that POS enables…

The reasoning is priceless:

1. Richard buys a domain name similar to that of another blogger's URL

2. Richard redirects that domain to NAMBLA


3. The other blogger is shown to be a filthy disgusting POS

QED! Wow, my tiny brain never would have figured that out, Richard. I guess I need to spend more time in the real world.

Kyle Lahnakoski said...

CC, you should not have printing Richard's family's address, it reduces the quality of your end's discussion. As my wife always says: "Make sure your actions look good on paper, you might end up in court."

I am relatively confident that Richard is just being infantile with respect to the NAMBLA links, but I do not know him. If you, or anyone else, reasonably expect Richard's fascination with NAMBLA to be genuine, then I suggest you call the children's aid in his jurisdiction. The legal burden of proof is significantly less with the children's aid than with criminal court: Children are involved; and their perceived safety supersede the parent's rights.

Note to readers:

Do not call children's aid if Richard is just acting childish. Do not punish his children for his silly acts.