Friday, October 12, 2007

Simple answers to simple questions: Oct 12, 2007.

E. J. Dionne Jr. asks a simple question:

Conservatives claim to be in favor of stable families, small businesses, hard work, private schools, investment and homeownership. So why in the world are so many on the right attacking the family of Graeme Frost?

Answer: Because they're hateful, reprehensible, hypocritical assholes.

This has been another installment of "Simple answers to simple questions."


The Seer said...

Rudy's success in the polls is telling us something about the wingnuts. What the wingnuts crave is authority. The wingnuts carry on about abortion, gun rights, family values and HOMOSEXUALS but their ultimate value may well be authority. Rudy is nothing if not an authority figure.

And in this insight, we have an answer to EJ's question: The wingnuts attack Graeme Frost because young Master Frost had the temerity publicly to disagree with that granddaddy of authority figures, Dear Leader.

Ti-Guy said...

And the wingnuts do have a point with regard to authority...they're the type of people who can't trust themselves to do the right thing...absent authority, they're lying, stealing, indulging in meth and man-sex, IM'ing teenagers with dirty messages, supporting amoral wars and bombing abortion clinics in the name of Jesus...

The Seer said...

I had this expert witness once who told me I had the relationship between authoritarian religions and preverts backwards.

The expert, a Ph. D. psychologist, insisted that I was wrong when I claimed that authoritarian religions caused preversion; he said that preverts with insight sought out the authoritarian religions in hopes that the strict strictures — to use a Bushism — would keep their preversions under control. He insisted you couldn't blame the religoin for the fact that the guy lost control.

Nor did he make these remarks as someone pushing a rival therapy. When we qualified him, he represented he had had substantial experience dealing with preverts who try to keep themselves under control. That after all is why we recruited him as our expert.