Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Richard Evans: The early days.

It explains so much, doesn't it?


Richard said... Are they a client or an employer?

CC said...

I don't know, Richard, but feel free to call them up and demand to know who I am. Let me know how that turns out.

Ti-Guy said...

And if they won't tell you, Richard...register a domain in your name, call it something similar and point it at NAMBLA, as you've done so often in the past.

Zorpheous said...

Damn it CC, now you are clearly supporting and enabling violence between Werewolves and Robots, where will your depravity end, does it know now bounds?

PS, a Werewolf would kick a robots ass since you need silver to a Werewolf,... unless the Robot had silver hollow point bullets,... ok I guess this is one of these grey areas, it depends on how the robot is armed to battle the Werewolf. Damn nothing cut and dry in the world today, I blame the Democrats for the Robot/Werewolf controversy