Sunday, October 28, 2007

Irony is officially dead.

And in today's news, members of the shriek-o-sphere take a break from explaining how Al Gore's receiving it hideously cheapens the Nobel Peace Prize to celebrate Michelle Malkin's award for journalistic excellence.

It's depressing when your best snark can't keep up with reality anymore.


The Seer said...

It's depressing when — we'll call them "smart alecks" — like CC keep confronting us with the fact that our snark can't keep up anymore with what passes for reality.

I — hat-tip to Richard Evans — say shoot the messenger!

Ti-Guy said...

You know, used to make more sense. Now I just find you mystifying.

E in MD said...

Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award

Michelle Malkin? Bahahahahahah!

kerry said...

Dude, irony's been dead at your place for a long, long time.

Simon said...

Jeebus, who were the finalists?

Seriously, how can one cope with the absurdity of it all? Any advice is appreciated.

Zombie Jesus said...

Accuracy in Media
About them

[Zoidberg]Wow. what an honor.[/Zoidberg]

A rightwing astroturf organization gives a rightwing scumbag an award praising her "Accuracy" in reporting.

Yep this is something worth noting, not like a stupid Nobel Prize or a slimy Oscar. Nope the real award is the rightwing circle jerk one.


thwap said...

"Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting,"


and the right-wing troll-poop dispenser "Accuracy In Media."

We have our media watchdogs, that watch the media, and they have their pack of useless baboons to shriek how the lies aren't delusional enough.