Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Funny you should mention that, Paul ...

Over at "Celestial Junk," Blogging Tory "Paul" takes exception to the depressing, intellectual stagnation that is Islam:

While the Rest of Us Moved On

Can Islam walk lockstep with civilization and contribute positively to the world? Or, is it forever stuck in a 1400 year old mode that, unless completely revamped, will forever put Islam at odds with civil human interaction and modern modes of life:

Coincidentally, many of the GOP's most prominent members share Paul's concern:

Whoops, wrong video ... how did that get in there?


Red Jenny said...

That's unfair. I bet nearly all of them believe in gravity.

Ti-Guy said...

That our culture produces un-self-aware mediocrities like Paul, who bafflingly feel competent to expound on the cultural sophistication of other civilisations, is an irony I'm *sure* he won't get.


Anyway, everything about Paul can be explained by the fact that he is an unreconstructed racist. Substitute "Muslims" for "First Nations People" and you've written his next post.

Simon said...

Gravity's just a theory. I believe that invisible, flying chinchillas are responsible for pulling everything towards the centre of the earth. You will respect my belief.

Red Jenny said...

Yes, and we're not saying we should completely abandon the teaching of the gravity theory. We just need to give equal time in the classroom to the chinchilla theory.