Saturday, October 27, 2007

And now, dumbassitude that requires no introduction ...

Seriously, you can't possibly need any assistance from me in disemboweling this:

I'm getting so sick and tired of those smart alec know it alls in Canuckland that are demanding that retail and car prices drop now that the Loonie is riding high.

There's one point everyone is forgetting in all this. If prices lower because of the exchange rate, just where is all that lost money going to come from?

Salaries. Jobs.

In fact the argument can be used that if prices in the Canadian economy are going to be as uber exchange rate sensitive as Canadians want them to be then so should wages.

Anyone lining up for the first pay cut?

It's awesome, isn't it? And I don't mean in the Airwolfian sense, either.

NOW THAT'S TIMELY: So ... when the economy tanks, who's going to line up for the first pay cut? I'll bet it isn't this guy.

Fucking consumers ... always bitching and moaning about how they'd like to share in the spoils when things are going well. Don't they know that's only for the special people?


Sheena said...

Holy crap! Is that Stanley guy married?

The Seer said...

This is a lot more serious than you think. Cross-border shoppers threaten to shave three-quarters of a percentage point off the growth of the Canadian economy, according tono less an authority thanPravda (whichsurvived thecollapse of theSoviet Union). Not to mention what loss of all that PST & GST will do to Canada's New Governments. None dare call it treason.

Southern Quebec said...

The government still collects the GST/PST at the border.

Sheena said...

Only if they check the secret compartment in your suitcase for contraband Lilly Pulitzer cashmere sweaters, Southern Quebec...

The Seer said...

Dear Southern Quebec:

You should try leaving Canada through Windsor. At the Windsor border, they give you the PST & GST back.

E in MD said...

I was about to ask wtf a Loonie was but unlike a lot of my lazy ignorant asshole countrymen I took a second to look it up.

Now that I know what a Loonie is and understand why you call it that i will still laugh... but at least I'll laugh in an educated way rather than like an ignorant mouth breather.

Even considering the nicknames we have four our own currency down here Loonie is worth a slight snicker. But it's cool. In another few years Canada will be able to buy and sell the US since the neo-cons are bankrupting us.