Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why, yes, I saw that coming, thanks very much.

Gosh, aren't I adorable when I'm right? Back here, I warned you about the possibility of a supposedly non-partisan "support the troops" rally turning ugly (and by "ugly," I mean Conservative.) Lo and behold:

Although billed as a non-partisan rally, Mr. Harper used the occasion to slip in a not-so-subtle jab at NDP Leader Jack Layton, who has called for the withdrawal Canadian troops from the combat portion of the mission.

"Friends, I believe you cannot say you are for our military and then not stand behind them in the great things they do."

I'm guessing that Stephen didn't go on to say that dead troops were, in fact, a good thing. That might have seriously harshed the mellow all around.

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M@ said...

Actually, I was thinking of your post when they reported the rally on the CBC news (damned liberal media!). They said something to the effect that "thousands came out to show support for our troops and their mission in Afghanistan."

Frankly, I think opposing the Afghanistan mission is far more in support of our troops. But then again, I'm not as big a fan of dead soldiers as PMS.