Monday, September 11, 2006

Well, at least he's not being all dithery about it.

Shorter Pope Ratzo the First: "Enlightenment? What enlightenment?"

BONUS SNARK: It would be funny if it weren't so creepily appropriate.


Dave said...

Yup. Fear reason. Reason keeps the bucks out of church coffers. And why is it that when I read about spreading christianity being more important than actual aid, I am reminded of the episode of South Park where the missionary is instructing the starving Ethiopians to not eat their bibles?

I love that a 79 year old allegedly celebate man is instructing people on sexual conduct.

Bodhisattva said...

Atheism was tried once in Leninist-Stalinist USSR and Maoist Russia and it failed. Now, China and Russia are two of the fastest growing Christian nations. On a global scale, atheism is dead and secularism (see France) is bleeding badly.

If you and the extremely tiny, tiny minoirity of remaining murderously hostile atheists have a problem with the 90%+ of your fellow countrymen who aren't atheist dogs then get the *fuck* out and start a little hate colony on Hans Island or something.

Procrastinatrix said...

Um.... last time I checked, we don't live in China, or Russia. Last time I checked too, religion-run states aren't so fun to live in Iran. The MAJORITY of Canadians believe that church and state should be separate. The tiny tiny minority are bible-thumping extremists who are afraid of anyone who deviates even slightly from some homogeneous definition of "man" and insist on everyone on Earth living by their rules.

Why don't you let us hateful murderous athiest dogs be judged by God herself when we get to the big 'ol perly gates. I learned in Sunday school that a good christian doesn't place judgement on others. Is "fuck" a word good christians are using these days? You'd fit right in at our little hate colony.

Dave said...

Canada love it or leave it? Since I don't conform to YOUR world view, I should leave the society I was born and raised in?

1. Atheism isn't something you try, it's the absence of something others are doing. It's no belief in gods, not a philosophy unto itself.
2. The only place where secularism is under any form of attack is the US. Why you would want to live in a theocracy is beyond me, but I am apparently a "murderously hostile atheist".
3. Who's being murderously hostile? Who's saying people should choose to believe something? Oh, right you are Bodhisattva. Go fuck yourself. I have never threatened anyone for their participation in a religion with anything. You, on the other hand, threaten exile to those who don't follow your belief in the great sky wizard.
4. I like the strawman examples you have there. I really like the way you built them extra dry, dowsed them in lighter fluid, and then set them ablaze with no regards to sourcing your claims, or even if your claims are relative to the argument at hand which of course, they aren't.

CC, my apologies, I normally don't post twice on the same topic.

M@ said...

Murderous atheists? Ever heard of a fundamentalist atheist terrorist group? I've heard of both Christian and Islamic ones, but never atheist.

Atheists don't have crusades or jihads. And it's apparently a very Christian man who led the USA into a battle in Iraq (which is becoming more and more chaotic as it becomes more and more religious).

And atheists are murderously hostile? Is it all the abortion clinic non-bombings we've been doing?

But let me add, genius, that I'd prefer the company of an atheist dog (I have two non-believer beagles, for starters) to a shithead like yourself. Obviously the religious mind-wasters knew what they were doing when they recruited you.

Alison said...

Bodhisattva literally means enlightenment.
Usually used to denote someone who has reached enlightenment but has postponed reaching Nirvana in order to help others attain it, bodhisattvas are, according to christianity, atheists.

Ferdzy said...

Yeah, this guy has one hell of a nerve calling himself "bodhisattva". On all kinds of levels.

Arrogant much?

Mike said...

Yeah, I had a chuckle at the whole "bodhisattva" thing to, considering its a Buddhist term and Buddhism is an Atheistic religion - there are not god or gods, only the universe and ordinary people.