Thursday, September 28, 2006

There's "socially" retarded, and then there's the generic kind.

Gotta love that timing thing -- when depressingly stupid gets slapped around by harsh reality.

GREAT LINE OF THE DAY: It doesn't get much funnier than this:

"Inhofe offers a 12-point indictment of Gore’s documentary on climate change. He says the list might have been longer if he had actually seen the movie."

Yeah, that might have extended the list another point or two, dontcha think?

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David said...

Undergrads are so cute when they get all uppity. At least he will have his minor in French from UVIC to prop him up in his dotage. Yup. About as useful as my B.A. in French from UWO. Hey, easy now, there was at least one prof who might have spoken French in that program!