Friday, September 08, 2006

Lies and the lying Blogging Tories who tell them.

First, there's the overwhelming cognitive dissonance. See, when the CBC broadcasts something uncomplimentary about Li'l Stevie, the Canadian wankersphere goes batshit crazy with outrage 'cuz, well, it's that fucking liberal media, you know?

And when Reuters publishes photoshopped images of the recent skirmish in the Middle East, well, that's just because they're dishonest hacks. That fucking liberal media, you know?

But when ABC/Disney is getting ready to air an admittedly and openly dishonest "mockumentary" about 9/11, and the Left complains, well, that's just because they're sore losers. See how that works?

Oh, and the lies? Well, there's little Mikey rewriting history in an entertaining way:

This probably explains why Sandy Berger stole classified documents from the US National archives. Trying to cover his sorry butt.

And then there's that pesky reality.

Blogging Tory Mike McGuire: When you just can't get enough sleazy, partisan hackery in your life, and Steve Janke's busy at the moment.


thwap said...

don't forget how the righty's got their knickers in a twist about a few words of dialogue in the tv movie about Ronald Reagan.

CC said...


I was going to mention that but, really, it was too easy. And here at CC HQ, we try to avoid the low-hanging fruit, as it were.

Well, OK, we'll pick on Steve Janke. But that's it.