Friday, September 15, 2006

Kimveer Gill, in a nutshell.

Take a deep breath:

Right from Kimveer Gill's blog. The MSM sure can't make this guy into a right winger. I hope other bloggers pick up who this guy is and make it widely known.............

Dislikes: THE WORLD AND EVERYTHING IN IT But to be more specific: Animal Cruelty Country Music Posers Chavs Jocks Preps Downraters Anything And Everything Hip Hop All Those Who Oppose My Rule Traffic American Government Anyone Who Supports The American Government Politics Comedy Movies Religion All The Governments On Earth God Stress People In General Really Hot and Humid Summer Days Lies Betrayers Deceivers Manipulators Lawyers Anyone Who Has Anything Agains Metal Or Goth Capatalists People Who Think They're Real Smart Asses But Who Are Really Just Mother____rs People Without Manners Downgraders Rude People People In General Anyone Who Has Ever Said Or Done Anything Bad To A Goth Girl (I WILL KILL YOU) Sunlight (Arrgghhh, It Burns) Goody Two Shoes F___ng Religious People Who Think They Know Everything.....And Then They Stick It In Your Face Cuz' They Think They Know Everything (They Don't Understand That They're Just A Bunch Of Little Sheep) Catholics Society Traffic When My PC Crashes Or Freezes...Arrgghhh Mmmmmmmmm, So...What Else??.. Ummmm, Let Me Think.....(This May Take A While)... F__ing' Jocks Cheerleaders Preppies F___ING JOCKS Teachers Who Try To Be Like The Students So They Can Be ^popular^....Instead Of Doing Their Job The Way They Should...And TEACH F__k, Just F___ing Writting This Stuff Is Pissing Me Off People Who Talk With Their Mouths Full Bullys When My Rifle Misfires And I Gotta Stand There For 60 Seconds Waiting For It To Fire, Or Not The Universe Anyone who doesn't like VF Church Going Assholes The World Bible Thumpping Know-It-Alls Damn I Gotta Lot Of Dislikes Child Molesting Priests All Priests Republicans Racists Homophobes Did I Mention That I Hate The World Pitbulls (They're Too Dangerous) Waking Up Life The City It's Just So Damn Crowded Warm Beer The Human Race When A DVD I'm Watching Skips Or Freezes Dogs GOD DAMN MOTHERF___NG JOCKS

This text is quoted from the shooter's blog.The shooter is apparently a leftoid......not a right wing conservative.There has beens stories goin round, sayin this guy's guns were registered.Sure looks like that gun registry sure helped those poor people in Montreal.The gun registry is useless.If it was effective, the woman who was killed would still be alive today.I blame the Liberals and NDP.This guy was one of em.He promoted the gay agenda and he hates christians, just like Layton and Graham.

In other words, LEFTOIDS kill people.....NOT Conservatives.
Get that into your thick skulls Mr.Layton and Mr.Graham and Mr.Duceppe!!!!

The Kimveer Gill A&E biography courtesy of Ace of Spades, picked up by Canada's own Free Dominion, and finally reproduced in all its splendour and glory on the blog of one tory_canuckistan, of whom we can read:

I have just finished my grade 12.I am took grade 12 math, then I will be done High school.I am horrible when it comes to mathematics.

I swear, if there was any more stupidity concentrated in a single article, we'd have a warp core breach and Mr. Data would have to separate the saucer section just to save the crew.

(H/T to commenter Radical Centrist.)


Canadain Observer said...

We, here in Montreal, are still reeling from this tragedy and our thoughts now are with the victims and their loved ones.

One should realize, however, that no one ideology, religion, race, or political affiliation, has a monolopy on evil.

Ferdzy said...

Right. And I started to comment on this in the last post on this subject.

Obviously, there is/was a certain amount of fear on the part of the bloggers quoted that Gill would turn out to identify with the right. It's interesting that they seem to think that right-wing views COULD have led to this tragedy.

I think we shouldn't fall into the same trap of saying "No, of course he wasn't a lefty." I don't know if he was or wasn't, and I don't think it matters, in these cases.

I see this as an act predicated on a well-established sub-set of North American culture, one that is both a comfort and a trap for socially isolated, depressed, angry young men with tendencies to externalize in particular.

thwap said...

An atheist who hates religious people went on a shooting spree.

I guess I'll abandon atheism.

What's that you say? A religous fanatic went on a shooting spree?

I suppose I'll abandon religion.

Wait a minute ...