Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ken Dryden: You go, girl!

Attagirl, Ken, you tell 'em:

"You don't cut programs for the sake of the cuts themselves. The purpose of government is people, not numbers. It is easier with eachday to see what this Government is not about. It is harder to see what it is about, except for targeted, small-minded and ungenerous cuts," Dryden concluded.

Whoooooweee! Smackdown! "Targeted, small-minded and ungenerous." Man, I'll bet Steve is still stinging from that one, yessir. I mean, that was one savage beatdown.

Ah, how timely:

Ken Dryden takes your questions on the Liberal leadership race

Here's a question, Ken: How about growing a pair? Can you do that?

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Pacanukeha said...

I am not sure what you expected him to say. You want more vitriol out of a Canadian centrist politician engaged in a leadership race? You're dreaming. At least he was on the right (heh) side of centre. Which is more than you can say for most of the corporate loving Liberals these days.