Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Draw gun. Point at toes. Squeeeeeze trigger ...

Pity poor Mike McGuire -- a man destined to forever shift one foot in his mouth just enough to make room for the other one. Here's Mike, doing the happy dance:

Seems Hugo Chavez's overblown uber-Marxist rhetoric is coming back to haunt him, thanks to a demonstration in good ol' fashion American democracy. Convienience [sic] sotre [sic] chain 7/11 is ending its association with the Venezuelan national oil company Citgo. it's chief supplier for its gasoline business ...

Chavez is finding out the hard way the cost of being a mouthy tinpot dictator. Good on Citgo. [sic]

Fuckin A. After all, it just makes sense when someone does something as low-down and sleazy as, oh, this:

Chavez' Surprise for Bush
Offering to Sell Cheap Oil to America's Poor

Worried about the skyrocketing cost of gasoline and heating oil this winter? Well, Hugo Chavez, the firebrand president of oil-rich Venezuela, wants to help.

Chavez, a former army officer twice elected president in huge landslides, has become a target of the Bush administration for his radical social policies. Last month, right-wing evangelist Pat Robertson openly urged his assassination. But now Chavez is firing back at Bush and Robertson with a surprise weapon - cheap oil for America's poor.

In an exclusive interview yesterday, the Venezuelan leader said his country will soon start to ship heating oil and diesel fuel at below market prices to poor communities and schools in the United States. "We will begin with a pilot project in Chicago on Oct. 14, in a Mexican-American community," said Chavez, who was in town for the United Nations sessions. "We will then expand the program to New York and Boston in November."

Blogging Tory Mike McGuire: Because when you can buy cheap oil, the terrorists will have won.

P.S. Like so many other right-wing airheads, poor Mike is about a month late to the party. When folks describe Mike as "a little slow," it's not just a figure of speech.

HEE HEE. Life is so much easier with TBogg.


edwin said...

Chavez is finding out the hard way the cost of being a mouthy tinpot dictator

And now a word from he Toronto Star

The dark-skinned, mixed race leader

Looks like the Toronto Star is goose-stepping into line.

The American Anthropologist said...

I cringe everytime I hear Chavez called a dictator. Apparently democracy means the US chooses your leader.