Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't worry, Joe's got your back, right, Joe? Joe?

Sen. Joe Lieberman, of the Narcissistic Psychopaths for Lieberman Party, makes an interesting observation on Afghanistan:

“A lot of people want to fight the other war [in Afghanistan], the one we’re not involved in.”

Uh ... come again? The war that you're "not involved in?" Dude, you broke it, you can at least help fix it, know what I'm saying?


The Seer said...

Dude, Rummy subcontracted Afghanistan to Stephen. (That slip your mind?)

Miss Cellania said...

Thats the problem! The ONE place in the world we SHOULD be involved in, that we have a REASON to be involved in, got shoved to the side to make room for a personal vendetta against Saddam, who has pretty much also been forgotten at this point.

Old Joe might be a wackjob at this point, but if his absurdities shine a light on Afghanistan, then he's good for something.