Saturday, September 30, 2006

... and the eJankulator takes a pass on this one.

You have to admire Steve Janke's restraint. After having delved (and I use that word with the utmost caution) deeply into Cindy Sheehan's private parts in excruciating detail, it takes real courage for Steve to avert his eyes from the Republican Internet teen sex solicitation train wreck going on all around him.

Steve Janke: Because some peoples' genital areas are more interesting than others.


Sterculian Rhetoric said...

Why would a Canadian Cynic be so interested in the Yankee?

Ti-Guy said...

I think it rhymes with wank. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

What are you people talking about? Do you even read the blog?

CC said...

Geez, Steve, try to keep up, OK?

M@ said...

Do you even read the blog?

Oh, good lord no. I would read your blog if, for example, it was a condition of release for someone holding my children hostage.

Luckily I am childless.