Tuesday, September 26, 2006

All right, Google is officially creeping me out.

I'm not sure what to think about this, but I'm wondering if anyone else is seeing this. If you Google on "pay to fuck," what do you get coming up as the very first hit? Just curious.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, Google apparently likes us here at CC HQ for more than just off-colour, porn references. Consider the Google search for "military recruiting problems." At least from this end, there are 34,400 hits, of which this blog shows up as number four.

It really is a mystery.


mcjoyous said...

4th entry down when I google is:

Canadian Cynic: Dear wanks: Pay the fuck attention just this once, OK?

Your right - it is creepy - but then I don't really know how google works.

steve said...

i tried paid to fuck, but i'm not there either.

eb said...

You're number one, baby.

Miss Cellania said...

Why does it occur to you to check these terms on Google? You must have one great pagerank... at least amongst porn sites!

CC said...

Miss C:

I don't explicitly Google for phrases like this, I find them in my sitemeter referral list. I seem to get a ridiculous number of visits via Google. I just find that curious.

aracne said...

Sorry, for me you are the second result.

Better luck next time!

By the way, the first one is an adult videostore... Maybe you should take advantage of your privileged position and put another here :D

Zorpheous said...

I'm #4 for "Dumbfuckistan" ;-)