Sunday, March 19, 2006

When dumbfuck Canadian Christian Conservatives attack.

Some days, it's hard to tell whether someone is hopelessly stupid, wretchedly dishonest or an unfortunate and nauseating combination of the two. Like this idiot, whose posting I'm going to quote in full to make sure you can appreciate the sheer and overwhelming dumbfuckitude of it:

"Choose Life" plates

The state of Tennesee has just approved the "Choose Life" banner plates for use in the state. Of course, the ACLU was the main objector... and they supposedly support "freedom of speech". (and thanks for your forthcoming comment Drew...) ;-)

Either you support freedom of speech, or you don't. Of course, I support LIMITS on freedom of speech, such as limits on spreading hate, pornography, etc. But to try to limit someone from espousing a point of view where there is no harm to any identifiable group, well, I think that's hypocrisy. Don't you? Someone (the ACLU) claiming to be protecting free speech by seeking to limit someone else's right to free speech. Can anyone help me out with this one?

Now, some may point out to my recent posts on how the left attacks Christians, and claim that I'm being hypocritical myself... my saying that the left should quit attacking the church. My previous argument was that the left is CONSISTANT and UNRELENTING in it's public attacks on Christianity... ATTACKS, not just expressing their views. They make it seem like anyone who holds to Christian values is an uneducated bigot, and that is just as unacceptable.

Now, after reading that whole thing very, very carefully, what's missing? Why, the fact that the ACLU actually won this case earlier and that one of the ACLU objections was that the Tennessee Legislature had (in a violation of Constitutional rights) approved a "Choose Life" license plate while simultaneously rejecting an application for an alternative pro-choice plate:

In 2003 the Legislature authorized creating a "Choose Life" plate and rejected an amendment allowing a pro-choice plate.

Wow. And to think you'd never have known that if you'd just read CCC's abysmally deceptive take on the topic. Are you lucky I'm here or what?

: The foundation of the ACLU's suit here is what is, these days, called "viewpoint discrimination," which means simply that the (U.S.) government does not have the right to allow or promote one set of opinions while excluding other equally valid but differing opinions.

It's fascinating to observe that the same Scripture-spouting wingnuts who won't even mention that issue in some contexts (like the one above) are much the same ones who are all over that idea when it suits their purposes, such as claiming that rejecting "Intelligent Design" from the classroom is (you guessed it) "viewpoint discrimination."

(Note how, when it comes to ID, its promoters know all about the evils of viewpoint discrimination:

The Supreme Court has ruled that the First Amendment prohibits the government from regulating speech based on "its substantive content or the message it conveys." Accordingly, it is unconstitutional under the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment to exclude ideas from a public forum simply because of the content of those ideas.

So it's not like they don't understand the concept or anything; they simply choose to apply it really, really selectively.)

And the Christian, hypocritical double standard just rolls on, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

It's a little like picking and choosing which sections of the bible to follow and which ones to ignore. I find it astonishing that christians virtually ignore adultery, but cry, scream and kick whenever someone calls them on their blatant hatred, contempt, and hypocrisy towards gay people.

Procrastinatrix said...

I'm kinda glad they ignore some parts though, like women getting stoned to death and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Good point procrast...too bad they don't pay any attention to the parts that tell them not to lie, cheat, scorn their enemies or be a hypocrite though.

Anonymous said...

You say that Christians virtually ignore adultery, but cry when someone calls them on their hatred towards gays. The way you say it, you include all Christians. That is a large brush you are painting them with.
Why don't we talk about dumbfuck Canadian liberals who have NO morals at the same time welcoming all sorts of immigrants into the country without demanding assimilation. Then, these immigrants want their home country laws on the books instead of your own. You recently dodged a bullet on that one with Sharia law. Your love for those who wish to condemn gays to death and give women second class status is mindboggling. While your hate of Christianity is vast, you either do not see or refuse to look at the barbarians within your gates. Christians may wish to 'guilt' gays straight, but muslims wish them dead.

beepbeepitsme said...

This seems to be the problem with religions. If they actually followed the tenets of their religion, their behaviour wouldn't be acceptable in ANY civilised nation. For clarification please read Leviticus.

Anonymous said...

Another anonymous troll states: You say that Christians virtually ignore adultery,

Well, yes, they do ignore adultery given the fact that churches are full of adulterers and jack shit is said. Christians condone adultery all the time. So much for the sanctity of marriage when these couples can't weather even the most minor of conflict in their lives without throwing in the towel. What are christian groups doing about the disgustingly high divorce rate? Maybe a little lip service, other than that, nothing.

Christians spend most of their time budding into the lives of people they have no business doing so. Those who live in glass houses should refrain from throwing stones don't you think?

Your contempt for those who differ from you is mind-boggling to say the least. That is so typical of people who spout off how "christian" they are. Where in the world do you get off on your little anti-muslim tirade? Do you have no respect for the religous freedom of others? Apparently not. We were all immigrants to this country at one point, you included.

Another stupid line: Christians may wish to 'guilt' gays straight, but muslims wish them dead.

Actually, the christian bible wants us dead too. But, the christian bible also wants to kill most of society for their "sins". The bible is the infalliable word of god is it not? Honestly, I don't listen to either of these religions or any religion for that matter. Save your guilt and death threats for someone who cares.