Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The predictability is getting kind of nauseating.

First, refresh your memory here. Then check out this stomach-churning Washington Post love song to President Chimpy McFlightSuit, with this depressing excerpt:

Mr. Bush, however, hasn't lost sight of the stakes. "The enemy has said that it's just a matter of time before the United States loses its nerve and withdraws from Iraq. That is what they have said," he told reporters. "And their objective for driving us out of Iraq is to have a place from which to launch their campaign to overthrow moderate governments in the Middle East, as well as to continue attacking places like the United States. Now, maybe some discount those words as kind of meaningless propaganda. I don't. I take them really seriously."

I believe this is what they call, in the biz, a "one-trick pony."


John said...

I was under the impression it was called consistency.

CC said...

I'm sorry ... when exactly did being consistently dishonest become a virtue?

Scotian said...

When it is defending a conservative in his idiotic war, when else? After all, the reason Clinton had to be impeached was because if he would lie about an affair he might lie about something more serious, like something related to national security. So to protect America from that Clinton was impeached by the GOP House, yet when one of their own launches a war on clearly deceptive grounds it is considered a virtue when those same deceptions are being clung to for dear life as evidence of "consistency", which is suddenly a virtue in this context whereas Clinton's consistency about not having sexual relations with that woman was clear evidence of immorality and vice.

Got to love the moral and ethical relativism involved in such, not to mention the intellectual dishonesty.