Thursday, March 16, 2006

"Culture of life," you say?

You know, sometimes God can be a real asshole.

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Anonymous said...

I went through an epiphany of sorts many years ago that convinced me that my hours in church were wasted time. Since then, I've given up the habit and scourged my house of "religious" books and artifacts. It was tough, cause my mom was very religious - she intended to become a nun when her heart gave out, so a lot of the artifacts were things that she had touched.
I've since come to believe that the only, really true evil in this world is organized, televangelized religious businesses, and believe me, they are businesses, regardless of whether they are led by smooth talking saviours in studios, or smooth talking saviours in caves. Each and every one are run by older men, who get rich by sending younger people out to do their bidding - sacrifice sure, but not their own family.
I am an atheist. I've exposed my kids to church in order to give them choices, and when they said no more, I said Thank you.