Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: March 18, 2006.

Shorter Celestial Junk: "Just you liberals wait until we have some actual evidence. Then you'll be sorry, won't you?"

Shorter Canadian Christian Conservative: "As a Born-Again Christian, redeemed by the shed blood of the risen and eternal Lord Jesus Christ, I insist on keeping this discussion polite and civil. Except when it comes to you moonbats. You can shut the fuck up."

Shorter Boswarlos Daily: "Speaking as a member of the largest and most influential religious faith in Canada, I'm tired of being such an oppressed minority."

Shorter Dr. Roy: "Why are women dying due to RU-486 when, as we all know, coathangers do a far better job and are more easily available?"


PR said...

Just goes to show that ideology distorts reality. Your reality, that is.

Anonymous said...

Still a pimply virgin, Peter?

CC said...

Ah, the ever-changing standard in right-wing rhetoric. "Your ideology distorts reality." It's the new "moonbat."

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by the fact that conservatives get all excited by alleged deaths from RU-486 but don't seem all that interested in far more deaths from Viagra.

No double standard there.

BC WaterBoy said...

"Speaking as a member of the largest and most influential religious faith in Canada, I'm tired of being such an oppressed minority."

What a joke! Is this person's version of oppression that they cannot oppress others that don't buy into their views or conform to what they believe people should be? The latest tactic of the "christian" is to use the wording of those they seek to marginalize in society and paint themselves as victims. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Check this out:

"Celestial Junk" posted something along those lines over at SDA, and look at the really careful qualifiers he uses talking about the evidence:

As the Bush haters Moveon smugly in their delusion that Bush did lie, they may not have noticed the growing evidence trickling from Iraqi archives that not only may prove beyond a doubt that Iraq had WMD, but that Osama and Saddam had a pretty cozy relationship after all.

"may prove?" That's the best they can do? They can wake me up when they have something to show me.

stella said...

the notion of Christians being "opressed" and "marginalized" in our "secular"(yeah, right!!) society has roots in the rhetoric of the US religious right in the 70's. This so-called victimization has sort of creeped over the border lately I've noticed, but it really is laughable to claim that our society is unsympathetic to Christianity when we have publicly funded religious schools and no official separation of church and state. Where do these people come from?? its a wonder they're "Canadian".

The Seer said...

You have ruined my fantasy life! My travels about Canada motly have been limited to Windsor, London & Toronto. Having stumbled onto your site a few weeks ago, and having followed some of the Blooging Tories links, I have come to realize that where Canadians are concerned, I had been living with a biased sample. Truly embarrasing when you style yourself "The Seer." Now I'm goiong to have to find some other country to find refuge from wngnuts. Hail Harper.