Sunday, February 26, 2006

The strength of their convictions. Not.

Now, this is why I'm generally not interested in getting into protracted discussions about actual theology with Bible-pounding, Christian fundamentalists. Even as Jinx/Jason is getting his ass handed to him back here (having not even provided a basic definition of that which he wishes to defend), he still has time to be sanctimonious and condescendingly snarky over here.

That's right -- even as Jinx is getting smacked down intellectually and theologically, he nominates the very people doing the smacking as "Screwballs of the Month." I guess it beats trying to engage in actual conversation.


Jason said...

You handed nothing to me, CC. Not my ass, not a rational argument, not an offering of having an open mind, not an apology for portraying my statements as something else.

I'm through. You have shown clearly that it wouldn't be worth my time. If you are really interested in the issue of inerrancy and really want to find answers to the alleged contradictions you copied from some skeptic website, there are plenty of websites about apologetics with the answers. They are easily found through any search engine. I doubt you will do any actual research, however. You are too arrogant, too close-minded and too cowardly. So just hide behind your insults and gibes where it's "safe" and "comfortable." Perhaps someday you'll look in a mirror and see how pigheaded and foolish you really are.

CC said...

Jesus Christ, Jason, would you like some cheese with that whine? My God, but you are a pathetic, whiny-ass titty baby, aren't you?

I gave you all the opportunity in the world to make your case and, instead, you did nothing but cry about how mean we were being to you.

Welcome to the real world of intellectual discourse, Jason, where people actually know something about Christian scholarship, and where you have to bring your "A" game to play, and where you won't find the kinds of wankers you find in your Sunday morning Bible study group who ooh and aah over how many Bible verses you can recite from memory.

Trust me on this, Jason -- you are not even remotely ready to engage in serious Christian apologetics. I have rarely met anyone who is so appallingly ignorant of his own religion and yet is so supremely confident that he knows all about it. Any decent well-read atheist would chew you up and spit you out even more easily than I did.

You are right about one thing, though. Jason. You're through here. You've contributed nothing to the discussion so feel free to drag your sorry ass back to Theology Web or wherever it is that you and the rest of the wanks sit around and jerk each other off to the Song of Solomon all day long.

And as you brag to all of those wanks about how totally ignorant and uneducated we are over here at CC HQ, just remember that you're the one who high-tailed it out of here, tail between legs.


P.S. If any of those other wanks at TW think they can do any better, feel free to send them over. The regular group of suspects here would be happy to tear them a new orifice as well.

Have a nice day.

Jason said...

There is no "intellectual discourse" to me found in your laughable rants. Only insults, swears, poor attempts at humor and bigotry. You wouldn't survive at a place like TheologyWeb. You'd be laughed out of existence there, even by your fellow atheists. I can't even imagine what a riot it would be if you tried your hand at a debate there.

CC said...

And on that note, I'll leave you with the last word. Thanks for playing.

grog said...

Insults, swears and bigotry, eh Jinx?

More than a few people have tried to engage you in intelligent discourse here, and about all we hear from you is either non-answers or silence.

As for ignorance and bigotry, look in the mirror pal - starting Here,
here, or here before you go criticizing others. Your own arguments are filled with enough utterly ignorant supposition of their own.

Rolf said...

Jason / Jinx has nicely demonstrated that religious extremism is a great advertisement for Atheism ....