Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Paging Dick Cheney. And please bring your shotgun."

... And in the category of "Most Obscenely Meaningless Awards Show of the Year," we have this year's Junos, featuring the likes of Nickelback, Diana Krall and Michael Buble, and topped off with a bunch of artificial "stars" from "Canadian Idol."

Thank God Bryan Adams is performing to give the whole thing some relevance.


Wheaton said...

Yes--let's corral up the members of Nickelback, along with everybody that buys their boring, unimaginative, homogeneous, monumentally SHITTY jock rock, and then have Dick shoot them all in the face. Fabulous idea.

dAVE said...

OMG! Our shitty bands are better than your shitty bands.

Havril said...

No argument here about Nickelback. (Nevermind a Nickleback, I want my whole freaking ticket refunded!)
But Bryan Adams? To me, Bryan Adams ceased to exist after "Reckless". I say this notwithstanding that Everything He Does, He Does It For...Us.

Luna said...

The Bryan Adams thing was sarcasm, right? :)