Saturday, February 25, 2006

"Munich in America." Your homework reading assignment.

For those of you who are capable of deep thought, Rolf at Jamonation recomments this piece over at TruthOut: "It’s Munich In America. There Will Be No Normandy."

For those of you who are not such deep thinkers, well, you keep trying to figure out how many angels can fit on the head of that pin.

THE BEST PART: I particularly like this bit of the article:

The truth is, there is a government in office which seeks such complete power and dominance that even some conservatives have started to notice. Too blind to see the true intentions of this bunch, they can at least figure out that an imperial presidency created by George Bush might one day be inherited by Hillary Clinton (complete with her plans for a revolutionary dope-smoking lesbian Marxist state and global UN domination, enforced by an armada of black helicopters), so now even these fools are getting nervous about where this goes.

Yes, there is a delightful hypocrisy here, isn't there? The same neo-con hacks who are adamant that George Bush as president has absolutely unfettered power as the unitary executive would absolutely start bleeding from the eyes if President Hillary Clinton were given that same authority. You know that all of those wanks would suddenly have their "road to Damascus" moment and start howling about the necessity for congressional oversight, don't you?

It's not even a challenge to dissect neo-con thinking any more. You just assume they're thoroughly unprincipled douchebags, and everything else just follows naturally.

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