Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's called an "analogy." Deal with it.

There's an interesting attitude prevalent among the devout that, if you're not a Christian -- that is, if you don't actually believe in Christianity -- then you can't possibly be qualified to pass judgment on it.

By the same token then, perhaps those folks who don't actually believe in biological evolution should just shut the hell up from criticizing it. I'm just saying.


Rolf said...

I guess it's pretty hard to shut up when one thinks that one's beliefs are better than everyone else's - especially when they've been conditioned to "spread the word".

BC WaterBoy said...

Parrot the word that is... Too bad christians have not learned to use mirrors yet to deal with their own" sins" before preaching to everyone else about their sins. Take a look at Pam's House Blend conservative values monitor for a rundown of the sins of those who condemn the sins of others.

Shannon said...

That argument falls completely flat with me. Not only was I christian at one time, I was quite a well read one. In fact, I taught Sunday school AND vacation bible school in addition to attending weekly bible study.

I've also read the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi (the missing books of the bible that were hidden in the hope that we'd all just accept the myriad discrepancies).

I think I have a better than average grasp of biblical doctrine.

Bring those arguments on, baby.