Friday, February 17, 2006

"I only hit you because I love you."

Apparently, Wal-Mart doesn't stock the "Plan B" morning-after emergency contraception pill because "women's health was a high priority for Wal-Mart stores."

No, wait, sorry ... apparently, they don't stock it because, despite the fact that women's health is a high priority for them, there are "broader considerations" and it was purely a "business decision" for the corporation and, anyway, Wal-Mart had already assessed that "demand for the product was not very high."

So, I'm guessing that if someone were to do an analysis of all of the drugs that Wal-Mart carries, there's no chance they'd find any for which the demand was even less than for Plan B, yet which you could still find on Wal-Mart shelves. Because if they did, then that would make Wal-Mart a bunch of moralistic, weaselly, two-faced hypocrites, and that would be really, really upsetting.

Cue Jason/"Jinx McHue" completely misunderstanding the issue and commenting idiotically.


Jason said...

Gee, CC. Perhaps you could explain how abortion is a priority for women's "health." Never heard of a woman who got healthier after an abortion. Should that be some new health routine?

Doctor: "Ms. Smith, you're unhealthy. Go get yourself knocked up and get an abortion. That'll help."

Anonymous said...

Seriously? No, Jason, are you serious? How's that cave you live in working out for you?

Procrastinatrix said...

If you can compare plan B to an abortion then perhaps you should stop masturbating because all those potential children are being killed.