Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dear readers: Please ignore "Jeff."

As I have already described earlier, I am not accepting any more comments from one "Jeff" who, in the course of about a day, managed to act like enough of a dick to get himself banned from this blog. (By "banned," I just mean that I will methodically delete any further comments he leaves here but, in the interests of fairness, I'm leaving his earlier ones that folks have already responded to. But all future comments will be removed.)

Jeff will, of course, whine about "censorship," to which I can only respond with the best comeback I've ever read on the topic, from BitchPhD:

Comments are great; obnoxious comments get deleted. Deal.

You don't get banned from this blog for being disagreeable. You get banned for being a dick. And as for Jeff -- feel free to get your own blog. And a dog.


Shannon said...

Another fundamentalist, uneducated fucktard I won't miss.

I wonder if these people leave embarrassing blood trails behind them everywhere they go (making even their relatives reluctant to allow them indoors), or if calluses build up on their knuckles after awhile?

jeff said...

My goodness, such hostility. And you guys claim to be tolerant and open minded? BAHAHAHAHAHA......pathetic.

Shannon said...

Hello again, Jinx. Consider thyself hereforth ignored.

Procrastinatrix said...

Jeff has now been posting on my blog.

His intelligence astounds me, and humbles me. I am nothing but a mere woman in his presence.

CC said...


I suspect you're going to have to live with it, at least for a while. Even though Jeff (Jinx?) has been told he's not welcome, he's clearly the kind of person who thinks this sort of harassment is just hilariously clever, and probably gets together with his Christopath colleagues, regaling them with stories, "Boy, I was really on my game this week, you should have seen how I was pissing all these people off; man, I am the fucking bomb, dude!"

And the rest of us just chalk up another data point that Christians are complete assholes, and people like Jeff just can't imagine for the life of them why we can have that attitude.

Go figure.

Shannon said...

If you switch your blogger comments for Halo Scan, you can ban individual commentors by their ISP addresses.

Neither one will be able to comment on your blogs.

Procrastinatrix said...

Thanks guys,

I will probably ban him at some point. It is still amusing now. It annoys me, but I have a feeling its just a show. I mean, am I naive to think that people are actually LIKE this?

I mean, if I was going to troll someone's blog, I would at least make a half-hearted attempt at sounding smart or producing humour. He says he's married but he probably humps his mom.

the rev. said...

awww, I don't think you should suggest Jinxy get a dog. I personally would not wish that guy on even the most vile-tempered flea-bitten mangy stray pit bull. I like dogs.