Saturday, February 25, 2006

And the list of the clueless just gets longer.

It's like you can't even keep up with the cluelessness anymore. In addition to Commander Chimpy, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Gen. Peter Pace and Treasury Secretary John Snow not knowing about the Dubai port management deal, now we have, of all people, Homeland Security Secretary Micheal Chertoff professing ignorance:

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff was not aware a Dubai-owned company was seeking to operate terminals in six U.S. ports and that his agency was leading the review until after the deal's approval, an administration official said yesterday.

So who the fuck knew about this before it happened? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Alison said...

And Condi. Sec of State Clueless in Gaza Condi didn't know about it either.
I clicked through to your Moonie Times link and at the bottom of Page 2, NewsMax is conducting what they refer to six times as an urgent poll on the matter.
And underneath that is this :

"I understand that as a voter in this poll I will be signed up for FREE breaking news alerts."

and this:

"Important: When you vote in this urgent national poll, you'll also
find out about our special FREE offers up to $84 in value!"

Maybe they should have had some sort of incentive like this going on earlier for government officials like Chertoff.

Lexington said...

No doubt it will turn out the whole deal was engineered by some obscure, expendable clerk deep within the bowels of the Department of Transportation.

"He's the only one who REALLY knew what was going on, honest! I'm just the president, I sign the papers that get left on my desk and then I go clear some brush. I leave the details to the people who really know what's going on".

The Bush administration has a habit of offering up a sacrifical lamb to appease the mob. In the Abu Ghraib scandal it was a reservist general and a handful of enlisted peons. In the Boeing tanker lease scandal it was a deputy undersecretary for the air force (who admittedly more or less volunteered for the job through an amazing series of indescretions).