Tuesday, February 28, 2006

All life is equal ...

... but some life is more equal than others, apparently.

Try as I might, I couldn't resist pointing out this, in which our good buddy and uber-Christian Jinx/Jason gives us a heart-wrenching, "uplifting" update on abuse survivor Haleigh Poutre who state officials wanted to remove from life support.

Curiously, Jason's heartfelt compassionate conservatism didn't seem to extend to one Sun Hudson, a six-month-old baby who was removed from life support against his mother's wishes. And why wasn't Jason all that concerned about Hudson?

Well, here's Haleigh Poutre. And here's Sun Hudson. Any questions?

"CULTURE OF LIFE," INDEED. If you (by some fluke of the universe) needed even more evidence of the pathetic hypocrisy of the Jesus freaks, you really need look no further than the differences in their treatment of, as I've written here, Terri Schiavo and Sun Hudson.

In the case of Schiavo, despite the fact that numerous doctors had testified that there was no chance of her ever regaining consciousness, there was an overwhelming hue and cry from the freak show about how Schiavo's condition wasn't terminal, how there was always a possibility she might recover and what the fuck did all those doctors know anyway, bunch of ignorant wanks, the lot of them. And besides (and here's the positively best part) pulling life support was nothing short of murder. That's right. Murder. No ifs, ands or buts.

But when it came to Sun Hudson? Ah, no big deal. The general prognosis for his condition is that it's only a matter of time because, you know, that's what the doctors say and if you can't trust those doctors, who can you trust, right? I mean, they know best.

But none of that explains how what used to so clearly be murder -- pulling the plug and withholding life support -- suddenly wasn't murder any more, was it? Heck, no. In fact, it wasn't even worth working up a sweat over, was it? That is, until the next time it involves a white Christian.

Then, suddenly, it's going to be equivalent to murder all over again. Funny how that works, isn't it?

AND THE DEFENSE RESTS: Not surprisingly, Jason tap dances up a storm over here about how these two cases are, like, totally different but I want you to read only the first half of the first sentence of his post:

CanadianCynic is trying to take me to task for saying nothing about Sun Hudson, ...

Exactly. Jason said nothing about Hudson. Ever. Remember, Jason and his hypocritical brethren were going absolutely ballistic over Terri Schiavo, weeping, wailing, beating their breasts ... oh, it was quite the Jesus freak show, wasn't it?

And their reaction to Sun Hudson? As Jason so aptly admitted, "nothing." Even if one allowed them to split hairs, it would still have been nice to read that they cared, that they sympathized, that perhaps they were praying for Hudson or something like that.

Instead, all we read was how those two cases were not the same, and that Hudson didn't count. It was, quite simply, an exercise in technicalities for those ghouls, and nothing more. Terri mattered, and Sun didn't. And that's where it ended.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions.


Jason said...

You really are an idiot. The cases are not comparable. This baby had a FATAL AND INCURABLE BIRTH DEFECT and life-support was only delaying the inevitable. Haleigh was MISDIAGNOSED as being in a permanent vegetative state.

And to think you have the audacity to consider anyone the "fucking stupidest guy on the face of the earth." Look in the mirror sometime.

cmax said...


Phyl said...

==This baby had a FATAL AND INCURABLE BIRTH DEFECT and life-support was only delaying the inevitable.==

Something along the lines of Terry Shiavo...

Jason said...

Terry Schiavo did not have a fatal disease or defect. You fail.

CC said...

See, here's the way it works. There was no evidence whatsoever that Terri Schiavo was going to recover from her coma, but the rationale for retaining her feeding tube given by the Jesus freaks was that, well, there was always a chance, she might come out of it, just in case, pray for the best, you never know, etc., etc.

On the other hand, when it comes to the infant Sun Hudson, well, not a fucking chance, no way, he's a goner, it's just a matter of time, no point being optimistic, it's not like they're going to find a cure any time soon, let's pack it up here because, after all, we're only "delaying the inevitable."

See how that works?

Noel M said...

Well, what would you expect? You know those uber-Christians only see the world in terms of black and white (and white always wins).

M@ said...

I'm sorry, Jason -- Terri Schiavo didn't have a FATAL DEFECT? So massive irreversable brain damage doesn't qualify? A cure for that one was comin' right around the corner, huh?

But let's get back to practicalities here. Who gets to make that call about whether someone's life support system is "delaying the inevitable"? You? The doctors? Bill Frist, maybe?

Mark Francis said...

No, no. no.

You see, because there was no DEFECT in Schiavo's brain, but merely intense atrophied destruction, it's not the same as if she were born that way.

Not clear? Okay, okay. By analogy, if a baby is born without an arm, that's hopeless to fix, but if you lose an arm in a meat grinder, which then grinds your amputated arm up into little pieces of hamburger, then there's still a chance that they can put it back together. After all, you can still wiggle that stump!

Nope. Not the same at all. Got it?

Anonymous said...

Being on life support is a fate that each and every one of us commenting here could very well be faced with ourselves. It is a personal decision that must be made when you are of sound mind to do so. That is why living wills are important. I have expressed my own wishes to be taken off life support if in a permanent vegetative state with no hope of recovery, such as Ms Shaivo's tragic circumstance last year. I agree with CC's take on this though, it seems to only matter to the faithful when the person meets a certain criteria, hope vs no hope and who makes that call, whether or not the human is a perfect specimen, ie, birth defects mean there is no hope apparently. Sun Hudson did not have the opportunity to make the decision for himself so keeping him alive is "delaying the inevitable", but keeping Shaivo alive against her and her husband's wishes is somehow encouraging a culture of life? I'm calling bullshit on that, it was about bullying and trampling the right to privacy for a family faced with some tough, tragic choices. The same people touting culture of life have no problem with killing thousands of innocent people in a war based entirely on bullshit. Todays fundamentalist "christians" are a disgusting display of hypocrisy beyond comprehension.

Phyl said...

As an ex-fundie (of 30+ years, very devotedly), I can tell you that their main goal is to keep life going no matter how painful and hopeless it is, for as long as humanly possible, no matter how vegetative or excrutiating that life is.

But as to society HELPING any of these lives actually live in a way that is humane and pain-free? Things like providing medical care or services in society to help them?

That's communism, by god, and we don't have no truck with godless communism. Let those lives endure, in all their pain and hopelessness and poverty -- they deserve it anyway, being sinners. And we righteous people get extra points with God.

Ptui! I'm so glad to have escaped that damnable philosophy.

Grog said...

Re: Last update - I left a comment asking dimwit to explain the apparent "absolute differences" between Schiavo and Hudson last night.

I see he has simply deleted it rather than actually think through his own assumptions.

CC said...


You wouldn't happen to have a verbatim copy of what you posted on Jason's blog, would you?

Jason said...

I see he has simply deleted it rather than actually think through his own assumptions.

Check again, halfwit. I moderate. The only comments I don't approve and delete are the ones that lack substance and are only aimed at insulting me.

CC said...

Yeah, grog, try and keep up. When Jason does it, it's "moderation." When anyone else does it, it's "censorship."

Geez, how hard can that be to understand?

Jason said...

Yeah, grog, try and keep up. When Jason does it, it's "moderation." When anyone else does it, it's "censorship."

As always, making false arguments for me. I guess you HAVE to do that since you'd have nothing else to post.

grog said...

Jason - (with apologies to CC for wasting the bits):

So - asking you to clarify your assertions is "designed to make you look bad?"

Sorry - you do that all by yourself without any help from me. So far you've drawn non-existent distinctions, arbitrary apologetics - and not once have I seen a cogent response to a question or challenge {not even so much as a bad attempt}

Jason said...

Once I see an intelligent, reasoned question or challenge, I will respond to it, Grog. I have yet to see any such creature on CC's blog, however.

Grog said...

Jason - Bullfeathers.

Anonymous said...

That begs the obvious question Jason if we who comment at this blog are so dumb, then why do you bother? Care to elaborate on the total phoniness behind the culture of life fiasco that was made of the private lives of the Shaivo family?

CC said...

Jason writes:

Once I see an intelligent, reasoned question or challenge, I will respond to it, Grog.

Jason, you are such a lying sack of shit, it's a fucking miracle you don't explode.

I have challenged you several times now to explain what you mean by "Biblical inerrancy" and, on every occasion, you've done nothing but whine about how we're all putting words in your mouth or misrepresenting you or some such crap.

This whole thing started with a clear challenge to you and you've done nothing but act like a total pussy since then.

What a tool.

P.S. Oh, and I love your rationale for deleting comments left on your blog:

The only comments I don't approve and delete are the ones that lack substance and are only aimed at insulting me.

And yet, here you are, Jason, describing me as "an idiot" in the first comment and Grog as a "halfwit."

We have to come up with a new word here. "Hypocrisy" just doesn't seem to do this justice.