Friday, September 23, 2005

So who's the target of God's wrath THIS time?

Place your bets quickly, you never know when the first fundamentalist wingnut is going to identify the target of God's wrath this time. With Hurricane Rita, who is God pissed off with? The oil industry? Fat chance. Ummm ... fishermen? Nah -- they're nowhere near gay enough.

So who is it?


Scott1960 said...

Maybe God is trying to wipe out Austin but has to use hurrica... no that can't be right. I give up!

Shannon said...

Perhaps since he has such shitty aim (having failed to take out the french Quarter the first time), now their god is looking to not only hit Louisiana again in hopes of actually nailing the place 'whar all'a them dang kweers hang out', but wipe out as many of the survivors he missed as possible.

That'll teach 'em ta run!!

Anonymous said...

Cajun cooking

Ricia said...

here's one u won't here elsewhere:

The gods are getting the Americans back for being the highest national pollutor and the primary instigator and supporter of environmental devestation across the planet. What better way to avenge the perils of global warming but to strike at the state symbolizing the US's current commander and chief (not to mention the state most known for the oil production)?

Rita is natures bitterly ironic sense of kharma, executed under Gods Watch.

teseract said...

these guys, and they deserve it...,1,28