Sunday, May 29, 2005

How to support the troops.

The next time some ignorant, right-wing wanker dipshit whines about your not supporting the troops, point them at this:

John Riggs spent 39 years in the Army, earning a Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery during the Vietnam War and working his way up to become a three-star general entrusted with creating a high-tech Army for the 21st century.

But on a spring day last year, Riggs was told by senior Army officials that he would be retired at a reduced rank, losing one of his stars because of infractions considered so minor that they were not placed in his official record.


His Pentagon superiors said he allowed outside contractors to perform work they were not supposed to do, creating "an adverse command climate."

But some of the general's supporters believe the motivation behind his demotion was politics. Riggs was blunt and outspoken on a number of issues and publicly contradicted Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld by arguing that the Army was overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan and needed more troops.

I swear, if there's any way that the current U.S. administration could treat its military more contemptuously or dismissively, I can't imagine what it is.


Kevin said...
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Kevin said...

They could lie to them and send them into an impossible situation without nearly enough support... oh, wait, they did that. Seriously, the way they babble about 'supporting the troops' is akin to the homophobes babble about 'morality'. Their actions and their words are literally opposites.

Anonymous said...

After watching some of the xenophobic retoric of the American Memorial Day ... I am troubled by their continual belief that they are the only nation that matters and that they are the only nation that cares ...

I really resent how they blither on with anti Canadian rants regarding how we don't support them and other such bullshit. Friends are allowed to question their buddies behaviour. Hell, we're even allowed to smack'em around a little! (our pilots continually finish within the top 10 of the "top gun" competitions!!)

If only they'd do a wee bit of research ... please note that the following web page is GOVERNMENT based ( from the Canadian Embassy in Washington) and therefore biased in many ways. However, look at what Canadian troops are trying to accomplish through out the globe and shut up already...
Have a good one,eh