Sunday, February 05, 2023

Chronicles of Twatrick: The prodigal son who can never returneth.

My network of crack, elite, secret, elite and crack spies tells me that Lloydminster's Lord Baron Twatrick von Loadenhosen is currently camped out in the Fort Nelson Hotel in Fort Nelson, BC, suggesting that Patrick is indeed doing everything he can to avoid working in his home province of Saskatchewan so as to not be subject to the garnishment order I have against him.

Sure, that's one way to beat garnishment, but one has to think that leaving the province for employment is going to get kind of tiring after five or 10 years. Then again, it's not like anyone in the Lloyd misses him or anything.


RossOwesDay said...

It would be one thing of Twatrick managed to branch out and get cool jobs in places like Vancouver, Toronto or Ottawa. But instead he's a low-wage prole toiling outdoors at the BC-Yukon border IN THE WINTER. Could there be a less-desirable employment situation in Canada, other than what we do to temporary foreign workers?

Anonymous said...

If he thinks this is going to put off the inevitable, his dad isn't going to live forever.

Purple library guy said...

So, off topic, but as you're someone who was righteously pissed off about the FluTruxKlan thing from a quite local perspective, I was wondering if you've seen stuff about the Ottawa "People's Commission" report which is underlining how rancid it all was:

CC said...

PLG: I've perused it, and the most entertaining thing about it is how it so thoroughly contradicts all of those wanks who insisted it was lawful and peaceful and nothing more than hot tubs and bouncy castles. It was not lawful, it was not peaceful and it had among its participants people who openly demanded the ouster of the federal government and the murder of the Prime Minister. So, yes, it was an eye-opening perusal which will, of course, convince absolutely no one who has no interest in facts.

CC said...

ROD: I don't see how Patrick could get a cool job in any location where rent would eat up a significant chunk of his income. I am *assuming* (and I could be wrong) that one of the few virtues in working in the boonies of northern Canada is that your living accommodations can be little more than a spare room in someone's basement to keep living costs down, meaning that as long as Patrick sticks to that lifestyle, he's never going to have his own place. And if he moves back to SK for work, well, garnishment kicks in again.

So if Patrick has decided that living in someone else's house for the next several years is acceptable, well, go for it. But I *will*, someday, deal with this and, when I do, it will be a question of just how much Patrick owes me at that point, and how he's going to pay it off.

Del Esau said...

Depending on the job:
$140.00-$150 LOA per day is not uncommon.
On top of your wages.
There is no need to live in some shit room, but if you do the money you save adds up damn fast.

CC said...

Dino: If Patrick is managing to pack away the cash, I have no problem with that as it will be just that much more for me to take when I decide to take it.

Del Esau said...

I hope you get every penny and more.
I was just pointing out that he is probably able to live well in that area, as long as he doesn't blow the job. (Which he does quite often I believe .) Enjoy!