Monday, March 23, 2009

Never Too Late For A Cover Up

"The Canadian public should not unfairly judge the RCMP for its handling of the Robert Dziekanski incident without having a better understanding of the challenges of modern-day policing, says Commissioner William Elliott.
"I think the expression, 'Walk a mile in my shoes,' comes to mind," Elliott said Sunday"

Fairness? How's this for fair... four big, heavily armed officers of the nation's "elite" police force killed a frightened, exhausted man with an unnecessary use of force. They stood about and watched him die with no attempt to render assistance. They promptly lied through their teeth on official reports. The force then attempted to intimidate witnesses and suppress evidence in an effort to cover up the incident thus showing the national police force to be corrupted from the top down. And now, after all of the outrage and perfidy, the commissioner who is supposed to be investigating the incident is asking people to be fair. Fuck you Mr. Elliott, how's about
you take a little stroll in the shoes that Mr. Dziekanski used to wear before his life was taken by the lying thugs for whom you wield the whitewash. 


sooey said...

The trip to Poland to try and pin Dziekanski's murder on Dziekanski definitely crossed the line into "the government needs to disband you" territory.

If we, like, had a government.

thwap said...

Elliott is a shameless scum for uttering such drivel.

These disgusting cowards have disgraced us all.

Anonymous said...

Like I said in a letter to the Star(not published).
Why didn't someone offer Mr.Dziekanski a coffee.
Meaning, the police come in,
stay at a distance and using hand gestures and voice to show no threat while someone gets a translater.
And I'm no expert.
I once saw the metro police 'take down' a very distraught woman in the street.
Once she was in the back of the cruiser they sat there laughing and drinking their coffee, oblivious to the torture going on in the back seat.
These problems are about training but I haven't heard the RCMP mention a word about that, nor the media.
peter g

Boris said...

Howabout Mr. Elliot actually take a stroll in a cop's shoes too instead of just taking their word for how hard their job is.



Chestes (root of chesticular): the term given to people who vicariously speak of what they see as the inherent bravery and toughness of others as if it were their own. This form of chest puffing is popular with CPC appointees, MPs, and Blogging Tories.

s said...

It's time to disband the Queen's Cowboys...they couldn't even find one of their own to run the gang:

sooey said...

I think it should be brought to justice first.

deBeauxOs said...

... the challenges of modern-day policing ...

News item 1. A suspect armed with an small X-Acto knife was shot by a police officer who was responding to a 911 call about a theft from a vehicle in downtown Vancouver. The two police officers involved in his shooting death were not equipped with Tasers. It is reported that a videorecording that a witness made on his cell phone was deleted by another police officer.

News item 2. Ottawa Police officers used Tasers 27 times in 2008, up from 12 times in 2007. The use-of-force report states that the rise in Taser use is likely a result of the additional number of officers using the devices since November 2007, when front-line supervisors were authorized to use them. Previously, only tactical officers were allowed to use the stun devices.