Friday, April 22, 2005

When really good writing goes after really bad writing.

Thanks to a link from Atrios, we have this piece by the New York Press' Matt Taibbi, taking Thomas Friedman and his new book out to the woodshed for a wickedly savage beating.

There's something really primordial about the satisfaction you get watching someone clever just wail the tar out of someone else who deserves it. Like when Juan Cole slaps Jonah Goldberg upside the head. Like when PZ Myers over at Pharyngula lays the lumber on that insufferable idiot Paul @ Wizbang. Like when pretty much anyone exposes those imbecilic, self-important jackasses over at PowerLine.

And, as Michael Berube makes clear, there's never a bad time to go after David Brooks. (Brooks gets the Rude Pundit treatment as well.)

: And how could I overlook Eric Alterman's horsewhipping of John Cloud, the author of that rancid adoring profile of Ann Coulter in Time magazine?

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