Saturday, April 16, 2005

When creationist wankers attack.

So, before the March feedback comes out, let's summarize the high (or low) points of the February feedback from TalkOrigins. And an interesting collection of wankers we have this month. First, we have "Jessie Jackson", who really needs to learn when to shut up:

Do you guys smuggle mexicans like some of your staff to work for you guys? As far as I'm concerned Hovind is a lot smarter than you comics, he actually shows some good amount of evidence, isn't a loser and makes sites to try to get poeple to hate on other people over the internet, geesh what are you children? I got a good joke for you guys.

Person 1: Well, how do creationists know that the Big Bang isn't true? Person 2: Tell me, Matt. If you put a bomb in your room, do you think setting it off would make it clean or dirty? 1) That's easy. A bomb would cause a huge mess. I would have clothes and toys all over the place. Mom wouldn't be happy about that at all. 2) Well, you can think of the Big Bang kind of like a big bomb. Evolutionists think that when this explosion happened things got more organized or straightened up instead of getting more disorganized or messy. 1) That sure doesn't make any sense. Another way we know evolution isn't true is to look at our so-called relatives, the monkeys. Man and animals do have many things in common, two eyes, two ears, and the way we breathe, for example. But if you compare DNA, the instructions inside our body that tell us how to look, of monkeys and men, there are some big differences. For the DNA of a monkey to accidentally change to the DNA of a man would be like saying I accidentally jumped over the Grand Canyon So big bang created everything that looks so beatiful on Earth? I wonder how Earth would look after an atomic bomb, maybe we might get more beautiful. Your logic is sad.

Ooooookay, moving on, we have our next contestant who at least knows how to embarrass himself more concisely, doing us all a favour:

i'm a high school student, and in one of my science courses we are disgussing [sic] scientic [sic] evolution. i dont [sic] really believe in this. i see it as more of the religious view on this topic. i believe in that god created man and women. the whole bible theory is whats my viewpoint.

No potential conservative academic star power there, sorry to say. Just as well -- he'd probably be whining incessantly about how those nasty liberals are biased against him just because he's, well, a moron. Up next ... well, I'm not quite sure:

I have seen the end of the earth. I have been to the earth's very peak and I will tell you this, it is not flat! The very fact that you would believe in something so incredibly false forces me to ask the question of whether the earth even exists?... How can you not believe in something you live on. That's like a hippopatumus not believing in water, or an ant not believing in an ant hill. You, sir, are an IDIOT!

And here's "Alicia", proving that right-wing imbecility knows no gender bounds:

I am strongly apposed to the fact that you are forsing ebolution upon people! I come from the Christian faith, and do you not think that we dont have proof too? Cause we do! Noah's ark... you say is a story, well there has been traces of the ark found! Also, we have much more proof of fact. You have only science, we have faith...

"Only science". I feel so ... so ... shortchanged. Bummer. Next up, someone else who has no clue about how clueless he is:

You are a moron, the geological collum was deposited rapidly and there is petrified trees connecting the layers right side up and upside down. These trees prove the layers were formed rapidly, because the trees conect them together. mabe the roots grew during the flood whitch water level reached above the highest mountian. How is oil and coal made? Roots growing 7000 feet down doesnt dissprove the the rapid formation, mabe during the flood seeds were buried. These layers are not diffrent ages, and how come there is no erosion marks between the layers. I did erosion controll, and underground construction. I am not going to fall for your false science. The geological collum is based on circular reasoning. Your carbon dating is assumed constant, and that is unknown. carbon date a live snail and see what you get 25,000 years.Plus how many super novas do we have, not millions of years worth. The mammonths were froze rapidly (small ice crystals in blood) You would need -300 deg below to freeze the mammoths with unroted food in there stomach, the inside would rot because of their stomach acid hello. There is no proof of anything being consistant, if there was more observations would favor the earth as under 10,00 years old. Go to and learn real science.

Not doctorate material, but would probably make a fine senator from Oklahoma. Then there are the budding philosophers:

The whole theory of Evolution makes no sense to me whatsoever. The whole thing about us evolving by chance isn't possible, is it? I mean, come on, I believe we all have a purpose, and because we have a purpose we are not alive by chance.

Followed by your budding theologians:

If you believe in evolution, you are wrong. Let me give you a reason why. 1)Where you there? NO! If you werent there, than how could you know that the earth was "formed" millions of years ago. Who will you believe? An all knowing God who was there, or a man who wasnt there and dosent know it all.

And, ye gods, yet another Kent Hovind fan. Where the hell do these yahoos come from?

In a response by Troy Britain, he mentioned Kent Hovinds $250,000 offer not being valid. Think about it, if someone had $250,000 to spend on something so controversial like PROVING evolution, he would pay it IF, and that's a big IF, there was proof. By proof, he doesn't mean a bunch of HOT AIR like your web site information, he means proof. If someone would pay $250,000 for proof that rain comes from rain clouds or the earth is round or fire burns or animals reproduce only after their own kind or if a tree falls in a forest and no one's there to hear it-would it make a sound?, then I think somebody just won 250,000. I don't believe you people are scared as the person who sent the comment mentioned, you're just ignorant. If you only knew how ridiculous the whole evolution concept sounded. If there was proof, then you wouldn't see experts in fields pertaining to evolution rethinking their views. What a disturbing, but hilarious website. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."

And, every so often, you need some total incoherence just to balance things out:

Q.1. there is not reason to believe in evolution. the THEORY of evolution is and always has been false and that is proven by the bible. archology was founded onproving the bible wrong, yet everything that archologist have found have continued to do the oppisite and has always proven the bible correct.

Q.1a. i believe that extinctions have happened in the history of the earth and that all the dinosaurs were probably dead when the ark was used. but again the bible has never been proven incorrect.

Q.1b. honestly i dont think that you can do both. many people think of Christianity as a religion but in actuallity it is a lifestyle. if you are living as a Christian lifestyle and tell people that you believe in evolution then you are not a true Christian. true Christians understand and believe that God CREATED the earth. therefore you cannot be a strong Christian and believe in evolution.

Q1c. and Q1d. i'm 16 and to tell you the truth i think that there are a lot more old creationists and evotulionists because thats the way they were raised and were told and thought. i think that a lot of young people believe in the THEORY of evolution because the teaching of God and CREATION have been thrown out of schools in the U.S.

Q1e. i dont think that science will hurt creationism because the sciences that are being found are continually providing evidence that the bible is true.

i promise to continue writing and answering these fabnaq.

You do that because, as we all know, there's nothing more annoying than an unanswered fabnaq. Until next month.

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thanks for this posting, i sure needed a break and this was just what the doctor ordered.
reminds me of the movie "defending your life" when the rip torn character constantly refers to humans only using 2% of their brain. uh huh.