Thursday, April 14, 2005

When "journalists" just don't get it.

And over here, an amusing story about how Atrios' "Wanker of the Day," San Francisco Bay Guardian executive editor Tim Redmond, embarrassed himself thoroughly in chiding Kos for not disclosing his current "client list" (of which there are, well, none). The reaction from the blogverse was predictable -- a shitstorm of protest funnelling into Redmond's inbox until he hollered "uncle" and apologized.

But down in one of the comments, we have a copy of Redmond's response, with the curious ending:

Like any journalist, I make mistakes. I also try to correct them promptly, which I have done in this case. But this pack mentality of instant, thoughtless attacks on me doesn't help anyone.

Think about that next time you do it.

Redmond just doesn't get it. The fact that a howling mob of Kos supporters got him to retract his original insinuation within hours completely vindicates their approach. These weren't, as Redmond describes them, "instant, thoughtless attacks." They were precise, specific and focused criticisms of an executive editor who should have known better than to put into print something as stupid as what Redmond wrote.

An attack like this "doesn't help anyone"? Au contraire, Tim, my adorable little dipstick, they helped the very person they were supposed to help. Think about that the next time you write something stupid and irresponsible.

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