Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Sometimes, there's just no pleasing some people

(OK, so having been upbraided by a few friends to quit my whining and get back to blogging, here we go again. And don't forget -- the comments field is there for a reason. :-)

From the "Missing the point entirely" department, this excerpt from an article in the Seattle Times:

RAMADI, Iraq — Marine Cpl. Travis Friedrichsen, a sandy-haired 21-year-old from Denison, Iowa, used to take Tootsie Rolls and lollipops out of care packages from home and give them to Iraqi children. Not anymore.

"My whole opinion of the people here has changed. There aren't any good people," said Friedrichsen, who says his first instinct now is to scan even youngsters' hands for weapons...

"We're out here giving our lives for these people," said Sgt. Jesse Jordan, 25, of Grove Hill, Ala. "You'd think they'd show some gratitude. Instead, they don't seem to care."

Yeah, like, what's with these people? I mean, you illegally invade their country, pulverize most of the basic electrical, water and sewage infrastructure into dust, kill thousands of their civilians with less-than-surgical-precision air strikes, open fire on them indiscriminately when they complain, totally rewrite their country's constitution to sell all of their resources out from under them to enrich your Western capitalist friends, and basically wire up their genitals to car batteries for sport ... and you can't even buy them off with Tootsie Rolls anymore. What is the world coming to?

Ungrateful bastards.

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