Tuesday, September 21, 2004

One man's wishy-washy is, apparently, another man's decisive leadership

From this article in the Washington Post, which describes an pitifully small turnout of veterans at the Virginia War Memorial in support of President Chimpy, we have a smattering of veterans proving to be an embarrassment to their species:

Jim Richardson, 71, an Army veteran of World War II, said he supports Bush because of his decision to go to war in Iraq and because of his doubts about Kerry's ability to direct the nation's battle with terrorists.

"Kerry is just a wishy-washy guy," Richardson said. "He's not a leader."

That theme was echoed by Rep. J. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), who spoke to the crowd about a recent trip he took to Normandy on the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion during World War II. Forbes used the example to mock Kerry as a frequent flip-flopper and an indecisive leader."

Imagine if somebody said, 'Let's go in on Omaha Beach,' " he said. " 'Oh, no. Let's not. Yes. Let's go in. Maybe not.' That's not someone we need as commander in chief."

Yeah, that wishy-washy, waffling thing about invading Omaha Beach is pretty infuriating. I mean, that has to be way worse than, say, that wishy-washy, waffling thing about invading the Iraqi town of Fallujah. Yup, way worse. You bet. No doubt about it.

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