Wednesday, January 04, 2012

One man's defamation is another man's yappy douchebagitude.

One of my great regrets in life is that this action was never filed. I believe we are all the poorer for it.


Jeffrey Shallit said...

The "paintiff" part is a nice touch.

Sparky said...

So Patrick Ross had the intent to counter-sue for damages??


That was his grande plan??


Defamation and libel, ppl. Find a dictionary and look up what those terms actually are.

I would have appreciated the fall-out if Patty actaully filed that. It would have been a wake-up call for mullet-bois everywhere...

wv--'coalcabb'--channeling Ezra--ewww!!!

CC said...

The alleged grounds for damages in that sadly-unfiled action are positively epic. Note carefully how Patrick describes as malicious defamation the contents of a *private e-mail* to a third party.

Oh, and the obvious malice represented by the fact that I insulted him on special occasions, including his birthday.

The legal system will never know what it missed.

ivoxpierre said...

Actually, the really and truly saddest thing about this document is that is has all the hallmarks of something that someone spent a great deal of time on, crafting it word by word to make it absolutely perfect.

The fact that it reads like a fourth grade "What I did on my summer vacation" composition speaks to an entirely different skill set that is lacking. That is as polite as I can make it. Plus it's tough to type when you're laughing so hard.

Carmichael said...

I suspect he thinks he has friends in high places and that that shields him from unpleasantnesses like this.

Except of course from the unpleasantness of being him.

In virtually every picture, other than the one featuring adoring sycophancy of Petey Pilot, he has a finger extended either in a Number One gesture or pointing at the camera.

Finger pointing - the imputation of blame; from

CC said...

Regarding Patrick's second claim of defamation -- that I falsely claimed he had been kicked out of his fraternity -- that is the exact information I was given by that fraternity's vice-president.

So if Patrick doesn't like it, he can take it up with that VP.

chipmunk said...

On June 19, we should all wish him a happy birthday.

CC said...

With any luck, he'll be in prison for contempt of court, and I can bring him a cake.

Carmichael said...

I suppose someone has already told you that the phone number you list is a Sask number - resolves to Lloydminster. Probably fake or someone elses.

thwap said...

Patrick didn't write that piece of shit. Ezra Levant did. That's some high-powered lawyerin'!

wv = "curshe" as in:

"I curshe the day I ever heard of Canadian Shinnick!" slurred the drunk and depressed Patrick Ross.

Rev.Paperboy said...

okay, so I'll ask the question everyone is dying to hear the answer to: What sort of fun and games are going to ensue (no pun intended) when the proper rock is lifted and Patsy scuttles out into the daylight?
I'm guessing the legal system takes a dim view of people who ignore court orders to pay judgements. I'm sure the judge who ruled in your favour will be impressed with Patsy swift action in following his orders.
Say, what is the maximum jail sentence for contempt of court?

Carmichael said...

"Say, what is the maximum jail sentence for contempt of court?"

No one knows, Rev. The defendant's a Conservative.