Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hunter! Douchebag!

Well, you knew it was coming -- the pants-peeing cowardice of Blogging Tory "Hunter" as she starts chopping inconvenient comments. Here's what I posted:

suggesting that interested readers go see what my co-blogger Lulu wrote here. Minutes later, what do we have over at Hunter's?

What an astonishingly thin-skinned cowardly little turd. And these people wonder why we rarely attempt to engage them in intellectual discourse. What a joke.

OH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE: Let the rampant cowardice begin anew:

What a useless douche. Stephen Taylor must be so proud.

P.S. By "valid" comment, Hunter means those that agree with her. As if you needed to have that explained.

The ballad of Sir "Hunter":

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Who among you didn't see this coming?

So, after getting her doughy ass handed to her intellectually, Hunter flees behind the protection of comment moderation, proclaiming victory all the way. What a twatwaffle. I can see why Stephen Taylor is so fond of her.


Sparky said...

I still posted, though highly doubting that it'll appear...

CC said...

What's the point of commenting over there? The instant that useless trollop starts getting intellectually pounded, she turns on moderation and gets rid of all the troublemakers.

Learned well from her wingnut welfare master, she has.

Gene Rayburn said...

"I can see why Stephen Taylor is so fond of her."

Taylor's no Brad Pitt, not even Mr Pitt from Seinfeld so he's got to take what he can get. No army of ladies knocking down that door anytime soon.

liberal supporter said...

Will she publish this?
===================== hunter june 03
As you can see, the lefties continue to attack me and my Conservative posters personally not the issue.
That is not true. The issue is being attacked, even in the comments you have not deleted. You are the one attacking commenters when you airily calling one an "idiot", and then referring to their words as whining. Not surprisingly, they snark back.

But the fact remains, they are not doing what you claim, i.e. attacking you personally and not the issue.

You are lying.

They have no idea what the issue is anymore they are so intent on intimidation they are foaming at the mouth!
Your sneers are obviously intended to produce "foaming at the mouth", but they are not effective, except in your own opinion. The claim they are foaming at the mouth, even figuratively, is untrue.

Therefore, you are lying.

Your assertion they "have no idea what the issue is anymore" is not true. It is disproven by the fact that comments continue to address the issue, though you yourself are trying to stifle those comments.

Therefore, you are lying.

Your assertion they are "intent on intimidation" is not proven, and not stated as an option.

Therefore, you are lying.

Way too go, keep showing us all how tolerent you lefties really are, it is very eye opening.
There is a great deal of tolerance being shown. You continue to lie, and yet people continue to point out the facts, despite your censorship, your sneering dismissals, and your attacks on anyone who disagrees with you.

You on the other hand, are showing intolerance by refusing to debate the issue beyond your talking points. Plus you are showing dishonesty by endless changing the channel from the topic at hand to insults of anyone who disagrees with you.

So, I will not go as far as to claim ALL Conservatives lie, but the demand for evidence that "Conservatives lie" is amply met.

Way to go, indeed!