Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yes, "Raphael," feel free to tell us all about moral bankruptcy.

Having recently made it clear that he doesn't give a fuck about Canadians that aren't the same colour he is, anonymous blogger "Raphael Alexander" presumes to lecture us on morality. And the National Post sinks a little lower into the tailings pond.

: Already gone from the CC HQ "Sent" box:

I'm curious, Mr. McParland -- when did the Post decide that it was acceptable behaviour to allow people to be published as full commenters without giving their real names, as "Raphael Alexander" has been doing lately? (You *do* know that's not his actual name, right?)

If Mr. "Alexander" can be published thusly, I think I deserve a shot at it as well. Wouldn't you say that's fair?


I'll let you know how this turns out.


thwap said...

He doesn't care about teenagers being tortured. So much for "Raphael Alexander"'s morals. He's useless.

Jamie said...

Wow Ruffles must come cheap and the Post must be broke.

LuLu said...

Oh my ... 2nd last comment on Ruffles' post:

by numberlady
Mar 03 2009
4:00 PM
Why does the National Post let Raphael Alexander post under a pseudonym. Why not use his real name?

That's hilarious.

Red Tory said...

Jamie — I think you may be two for two there.

Southern Quebec said...

Numberlady...c'est moi! :)

Dr.Dawg said...

We are all Numberlady.

Audrey II said...

I particularly love how Mr. Extraordinary Rendition" Alexander repeatedly illustrates his inability to distinguish between a descriptive claim (Dr. Dawg's "many Afghans see us as X, and think Y is better") and his normative strawman ("leftists think Y is preferable to X").

In the comments sections for his multiple related blog entries, he's been called on it several times, but like a child who doesn't know any better, he simply "stays the course".

I do hope the NP isn't paying him for this drivel. Is the talent pool for political op-ed really that dried-up?

Frank Frink said...

Well done, SQ, although more accurately 'Raphael Alexander' is not his full name rather than not his 'real' name.

However, I think the only only thing that might come of it is notice/disclaimer about his nom-de-plume accompanying his future scribblings in the National Fishwrap.