Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, I'm a bad mofo, you betcha.

Apparently, I am a seriously dangerous dude:

In the lefty blogosphere, it doesn't get much more fundamental than Red Tory and Canadian Cynic - each regularly lauded as leading idea-generators for progressive types. When they go after you, they are more lethal than hungry wolves.

Jesus fucking Christ, Chucker ... would you like some Bactine for those bite marks? Pansy.

And now ... breakfast kitteh!


Red Tory said...

I'd like to explore the phrase "it doesn't get more fundamental" vis-à-vis the "lefty blogosphere" in somewhat more depth to discover what that flippant, seemingly absurd remark actually means... Alas, I suspect that would be an enormously futile endeavour.

Basically the subtext for the Bloggin' Tories: AN ENORMOUSLY FUTILE ENDEVOUR.

And I didn't even mention the ludicrous hyperbole in Chucker's response: "more lethal than hungry wolves"? Kind of like Chucker's site being skankier than a Burmese knocking shop?

Sheena said...

There was a glimmer of hope for Chucker 2.0 after the last election, but alas he's returned to his Evel Knievel ways vis-à-vis the Great White Harpoon.

psa said...

i'm sorry, we get lauded as idea generators? i thought we were revered as balloon deflators. and i swear we're no more lethal than comfortably well fed wolves that just haven't had dessert. still, there's some comfort to know how deeply timid and frightened we make the blogging bambies.

LuLu said...

Hmmm ... does this mean I should be adding "idea-generator" to my resume?

P.S. Oh noez ... kittehs for breakfast!1!!!11!!1! For shame, CC.

Southern Quebec said...

If it's good enough for Dear Leader Lulu, it's good enough for the little people. mmmm porridge kitteh...with sugar

Zorpheous said...

You're a "leading Idea Generator" Bahahahah,... Ok I luvs ya CC, but you are only leading pointer of "teh Stupid" of the Blogging Tories. Now don't get me wrong, it is an extremely important job, and thankless at time, but we all really enjoy the work you do.

Frank Frink said...

Chucker asks, "Imagine for a second we have a woman prime minister. Does dick-licking drivel become pussy-licking pulp fiction?

Yes, chucker, that works for me, though it could use a little reworking. Not sure 'pulp fiction' was what you were looking for. Try 'bodice ripper'.

We would also need to have a woman prime minister who stayed in office longer than a second (see Campbell, Kim).

Cameron Campbell said...

And a woman candidate who was running for a viable party and wasn't cut off at the knees by her backroom (see Campbell, Kim).

WV: (I swear to god) contax

KEvron said...

"I'm beginning to wonder about Tiguy and RT. I'm thinking they might be the same person."

i am sooo going to milk this!