Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tweety, meet cojones. Cojones, Tweety.

Oooooooooh ... someone finally grew a pair:

If this happens more than once, it could be a pattern. We can only hope.

P.S. Shorter wingnuts: "After several months in office, thousands of murdered Americans in a single day wasn't George W's fault. After less than two months in office and dealing with a financial collapse that was years in the making, it really is all Obama's fault."

See how that works?


LuLu said...


Did Ari really say "how could we take the chance that Saddam would attack again" in relation to 9/11?

I can't believe the wingnuts are still trying to hump that lie.

stageleft said...

Jesus Christ -- "how could we take a chance that Saddam might not strike again"?

I guess it really is never to early to start rewriting history.

mikmik said...

He struck? Did he want higher wages, or a better health plan?
What union is he in?

He must have been on a hunger strike. I fear the day that that happens again.

The Mathmos said...


Wasn't betting on American media recognizing the very category of "such arguments" (by neocons) that they allowed to fester in the public mind for eight long years, as something to be glad is gone - it's not by the way.

sooey said...

Well, it's not like Ari isn't dumb enough to believe his own propaganda.