Saturday, March 28, 2009

Then there's "Don't Punch Yourself in the Face" Day.

As we did last year, we are going to celebrate the mouth-breathing, anti-Earth Hour, spiteful contrariness of Canada's special ed kids by designating April 15, 2009 as "Don't Slam Your Wang in a Car Door" Day. Male members of Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories are invited to post the subsequent videos on YouTube.

Boy, won't that teach us progressives a lesson.


sooey said...

I think that should read "Don't Slam Your Wang In An IDLING Car Door Day".

Ooh - spooky "retstes"

s said...

This compliments the "Let's make fun of dead niggers" post that Kate has up now.

Stimpson said...

Good fucking golly, what a waste of human flesh SDA's author is. Please don't tell me she's reproduced.

mikmik said...

I am getting fed up with the like of her. But I went there, didn't I

She serves a purpose, an excellent one. You cannot buy publicity for how fucking much certain viewpoints stink like this.

She provides everything anyone needs to show how fucking mightily fucked up many cons are.

Paladiea said...

Hmm I did a "Don't Stab Yourself in the Face hour". Can that be a part of Don't Punch Yourself in the Face Day?

The Seer said...

I was hoping we could have a "Don't rape the car wash vacuum cleaner" Day.

With all due respect to the learned judge, it was the cop who embarrassed the city of Saginaw. Once the dumb cop executes a custodial arrest, the prosecuting attorney has to authorize a prosecution because otherwise, the victim will sue the city for false arrest. The prosecutor really doesn't have any room. If cops valued common sense more than a lousy misdemeanor bust, nobody would have been embarrassed.

And who, besides a cop on the beat, do you think is going to go peeping inside the car wash after hours. He's supposed to be looking for burglars when he peeps in there. Does the vacuum cleaner have enough gnothi seauton to even be aware it was raped?