Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Satire is officially dead.

Over at "Halls of Wingnuttia," Blogging Tory "Neo Conservative" takes a break from giggling over the violent deaths of minorities to, well, make a total ass of himself:

It occurs to me that someone who gets such a raging woody over the murders of Toronto's minorities and giggles about such things on a daily basis really doesn't have the moral high ground to be using the word "compassionate" in a sarcastic manner. If you catch my drift.

Especially when you've thrown around the phrase "Taliban Jack" yourself on occasion. Then you just look like an asshole.


liberal supporter said...

I think he wins the funniest blog award though. The most laughable thread in a while there features comments by the five footed free speech warrior, while right before there are deleted comments with neo lying about what they said!

Red Canuck said...

There's nothing funny about his blog. It's just a festering cesspool of intolerance, bigotry, and general jackassery.

"Neo" calling me retarded was probably the best laugh I had all day.

liberal supporter said...

There's nothing funny about his blog.
What's funny is the hypocrisy and selfrighteousness.

It's just a festering cesspool of intolerance, bigotry, and general jackassery.
Of course it is. And mocking him drives him crazy. Especially when he can't track me down and shoot me as he'd like. He has never learned to respond to dissent other than with intimidation, and since that is unavailable to him with me, he's reduced to being flummoxed and madly deleting all dissent.

"Neo" calling me retarded was probably the best laugh I had all day.
Yes, he had no real response did he? See how the BT reinforcements have arrived trying to salvage the mess?

KEvron said...

biggest coward in all of bt-dom.


Red Tory said...

I've said this before, but quite aside from all of his "jackassery" and so on, I just find his hideous little site completely unreadable. It's like the incoherent blather of an insane person.

CC said...

It's not so much that Neo is unreadable as that he has never, to my knowledge, engaged a single critical commenter intellectually. Ever.

Consider the post above, where the first commenter "Ted" asks a perfectly reasonable and appropriate question:

"So are you going to answer his question?

Is it now ok to call him Taliban Steve now that he favours talking to the Taliban?

Now, regardless of whether or not you agree with Ted's position, there is absolutely no denying that it's a valid question to ask. But rather than address it, Neo -- quite predictably -- resorts to ignorant snark and sarcasm:

"oh teddy... you would actually try to have a conversation with someone like this?

i guess i'm just not as "progressive" as you are.

Neo is, quite simply, incapable of intellectual discourse. With anyone, even people who show up and ask reasonable questions.

That's why his blog is a waste of time. But we mock him nonetheless, and will continue to tar Blogging Tory co-founder Stephen Taylor by association. Because that's what we do.

LuLu said...

And let's not forget Neo's unfortunate fascination with hookers.

I wonder how the vaunted "Mrs. Neo" feels about this?

CC said...

I'm guessing about the same way that Mrs. "NAMBLA Dick" feels about Dick's fascination with young boys -- she keeps her mouth shut, cakes on the makeup good and heavy, and tells everyone she ran into another door.

Red Tory said...

CC — Yeah, I noticed that. I tried to make a few comments quite a while back and he evaded the point, instead dredging up some remark I'd make on his blog two years ago that had nothing whatsoever to do with the issue at hand. The other time, I think he invoked his famous "Wanda Watkins" defense. He's such a useless boob.

Cameron Campbell said...

Why do I try?

liberal supporter said...

I think it's hilarious. On any other blog, I comment, maybe someone sees it maybe they don't. At neo's not only does he single delete my comments, he makes another one about it! So I know he is reading what I say, and in fact is effectively forced to.

For neo, it's all about getting something actionable. A death threat, a libel, anything. He's kind of a Madame DeFarge type, toiling away building his list of enemies, and hoping to sic the goons on any one of them if he can get identifying info.

So he keeps putting out the kind of bait that he knows would have himself out with guns blazing. But it keeps failing to work, and he is stuck with having to continue to read everything I say.

It works exactly like he's my biggest fan!