Monday, March 23, 2009

Oh, this one's too easy.

Get ready because here it comes -- the same folks who have absolutely no problem with camping out in front of abortion clinics and howling with outrage at traumatized pregnant women are going to be the first ones who shriek inconsolably about how this is creepy stalking and a hideous invasion of privacy:

A busload of activists representing working- and middle-class families paid visits yesterday to the executives' homes in Fairfield County to protest the bonuses awarded by the struggling insurance company after it received a huge federal bailout

You know it's coming. Just wait for it. Hypocrisy will always out itself.

AFTERSNARK: I'm guessing that the wankers who go batshit crazy with rage over a simple protest will never have raised even the slightest voice in disgust over this.

Do I really need to go on?


deBeauxOs said...

It's predictable to the point of banality but the rule of SHRIEEEKKK!!! works like clockwork.

Look at whatever happens to be the outrage du jour the fundamentalist religious politicial neocon rightwing nutz are shrieking about.

Whatever it happens to be, there will be some occurrence in that camp that should generate more outrage except they consider themselves above public opprobrium (with respect to criteria they have developed but ignore when it applies to them).

Ti-Guy said...

Meh. I don't care about protests anymore. The death threats are more entertaining and I'm suspecting, more effective.

Not that I'm recommending death threats...just observing that when the elites stop responding to every legal and peaceful form of protest, people will resort to other means.

Larry Moran said...

Not sure where you stand on this issue. :-)

Are you in favor of "camping out in front of abortion clinics and howling with outrage at traumatized pregnant women" and protesting in front of private homes? Or are you opposed to both forms of protest?

Cameron Campbell said...

Does one have to have an opinion on one or the either to be able to point out the hypocrisy?

sooey said...

I bet the AIG execs are behind their own death threats. They have no shame and would want victim status along with the payola.

Larry Moran said...

Cameron Campbell asks,

Does one have to have an opinion on one or the either to be able to point out the hypocrisy?

Yes. In order to charge someone else with hypocrisy you must demonstrate that you are not a hypocrite.

If you equate the two protests (as CC is doing) then you are a hypocrite to oppose one and support the other.

Assuming that CC is not a hypocrite, he must support both types of protest (unlikely) or oppose them both. Any other position is inconsistent with leveling charges of hypocrisy against the Blogging Tories.

The Blogging Tories are stupid and hypocritical, but that's not the issue.

I oppose both types of protest. I'm just curious to know if CC agrees with me.

CC said...


It's simple -- I'm just pointing out the double standard you'll typically find on the Right.

On the one hand, they demand the right to picket abortion clinics and protest vocally because, well, it's a free country and it's their right to free speech and it's a public sidewalk, etc, etc.

On the other hand, any hint that people might want to publicly congregate to shame someone who's raking in millions in bonus after having driven a company into bankruptcy is normally greeted with horror and how dare those folks stalk and harass and follow someone home, etc, etc.

"Harassment" is always context-dependent, it would appear.

¢rÄßG®äŠŠ said...

Well, CC, you know it's not right to harass the exceedingly wealthy. They make the world go 'round.