Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The more you try to make it go away, ...

... the uglier it gets. And, no, we're not even remotely done here. But it'll have to wait.

AFTERSNARK: I'm waiting for the first reporter to ask Goodyear how old he believes the Earth to be, based solely on scientific evidence. This is most emphatically not a religious question, and Goodyear shouldn't be allowed to weasel and tap-dance his way around it with that kind of, well, weaselitude.

How old is the earth, Gary? It's a simple question, and it deserves a simple answer. Who's going to be the first one to ask it?


sooey said...

I think people are wanting to believe the Science Minister isn't just another New Conservative idiot - which he is.

Pearce Richards said...

I really enjoy reading Bad Astronomy (I subscribe to Discover), thanks for the link!

Oh, and seeing as he's your bestest friend, good ol' Patrick Ross was nice enough to drop by my blog and chastise me for not updating my post re: Goodyear's "clarification"

I've never seen someone so interested in policing the intricacies of obscure blogs.