Monday, March 30, 2009

Let me make a prediction.

If you pop over to Stephen Taylor's Blogging Tories, you will find a large group of people who, having for months now denigrated the Canadian Human Rights Commission and shriekingly defended their right to say what they want even if it offends others, are now popping the corks and celebrating the fact that British MP George Galloway was officially prevented from entering the country today because, well, he says things that offend them.

Did I get that about right? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I got that right.

And after the bubbly is gone and the celebration peters out, Stephen Taylor's BTs will go back to fawning over Ezra Levant who, by God, was the one person who stood up for their right to say things even if it offended other people.

And not one of them will appreciate the rancid hypocrisy of it all.


M@ said...

I'm at the Galloway talk right now. He just finished speaking and is now taking questions.

More to follow but it's hard to imagine what the Harper govt could have been worried about -- unless it's citizens motivated to stand together and demand peace.

Yeah, I think I may be on to something there.

Scruffy Dan said...

"it's hard to imagine what the Harper govt could have been worried about"

I can think of a few things... but none of them warrant Galloway being barred from the country.

chris said...

Apparently we're the hypocrites now because we didn't support Ezra and Mark and Fred Phelps and...and...
Ha! so there, liebruls!

And he's not even a Blogging Tory. Yet.