Saturday, March 07, 2009

I've been "Wonketted".

Wonkette, Kathy Shaidle. Kathy, Wonkette. And if you read down the comments far enough, well, let's leave that as a surprise. (Here's a direct link to the Salon article.)

OH, ALL RIGHT, I'll save you the time. But, really, they're all worth reading.

P.S. What's a "taquito?"

SCOTT TRIBE SHOOTS ... HE SCORES! In my haste, I totally failed to notice that Salon linked to Canadian blogger Scott Tribe. I'm betting Scott's getting a Sitemeter meltdown right about now.


Cameron Campbell said...

What did that do to your traffic?

CC said...

Not as much as you might think, given that that link is buried about halfway down. I figure a few hundred hits once all the excitement is over.

But it's not the traffic -- it's the satisfaction that I've played a small part in introducing Kathy's douchebaggy cuntitude to a whole new unsuspecting audience.

I look forward to the day when Kathy's loathsome vileness goes intergalactic, to the point where an evil alien race is about to launch a murderous invasion of Earth, until someone says, "Um ... isn't that Kathy Shaidle's home planet? Yeah, I hear she's a total cunt. Let's just give this one a pass, I don't want to take a chance on running into her."

Dr.Dawg said...

I'm envious. But my favourite comment from over there?

It’s true, Jesus prophesied that one day the meek would inherit all our stuff. I didn’t know it was a warning, but it’s all right there in that picture. My stuff is in the hands of the meek. Couldn’t we have done something before it came to this? What’s it called? Oh. Class warfare, anyone?

Sheena said...

P.S. What's a "taquito?

Oh dear lord god.

WV = squitypo

"What one has the morning after indulging in a 3am taquito and Slurpee binge at 'Sev"

Reality Bites said...

A Taquito is supposed to be a taco, rolled up sort of like a spring roll and deep fried.

They're one of the semi-foods sold at 7-11 and I think are quite cheap.

LuLu said...

A Taquito is supposed to be a taco, rolled up sort of like a spring roll and deep fried.

There aren't enough words in the English language to adequately describe how utterly repulsive that sounds.

No, really.

CC said...

What's a "7-11?"

Renee said...

Leaving aside the stupid, petty, ignorant vapidity that is the right wing, because really, that's old news, my favourite comment was:

"Apparently she's a five foot tall furry."

Chet Scoville said...

Apparently she called the poor "fat, slovenly, wasteful of their money and other people’s."

I'm not sayin' a thing. I'm not, I'm not, I'm not.

Brendan Morrice said...

Hey, we have plenty of right-wing racist nuts in this country, we don't need your goddamn Canadian ones! Just give us your oil, lumber, socialism, and actor/comedians, and you can keep your Steyns, short and hateful furries, crappy whisky, and bilingualism. I mean, if you want to trade Ann Coulter for this Shaidle "person," we can work something out, but if she's just going to start talking shit about my First Lady, we're going to unleash Rush Limbaugh on your cheap prescription pill supply and you'll have nothing!

CC said...

Dear Brendan:

As much as we might despite Kathy Shaidle, we're fairly confident that we will never see her doing this. And for that, we are eternally grateful.

Brendan Morrice said...

That's just because she doesn't look anything like a cheerleader, and is probably physically incapable of doing that (from what I gather, she is physically ill, as well as mentally ill, eh?). I can't imagine dignity would be the problem.

Scott Tribe said...

You're correct.. Friday's hit counter was like what I normally get at Canadian election time.. and even Saturday was 4 times as busy as normal.

Scott Tribe said...

(Oh, and I use statcounter, not sitemeter) :)